Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce in a relationship

Just 17 tweets that sum up how we’re all feeling about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift rn

She’s finally free from British colonialism

It’s official! Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have all but confirmed they’re in a relationship, after Taylor attended Travis’ game last night. The two were absolutely adorable, and it was like something straight out of one of Taylor’s music videos.  From what started with Travis Kelce trying to shoot his shot with Taylor Swift with a friendship bracelet at her Era’s tour, to them being in a very High School Musical-esque relationship, there are a lot of reactions out there.

I for one, am happy that Taylor is finally out of her anaemic British men era, where they all looked like they had tuberculosis. But what’s everyone else saying about their relationship? Here are 17 tweets reacting to their relationship, that even the most die hard Swiftie would approve of.

1. Best dating strategy I’ve seen in years

2. Everything is planned

3. Literal getaway car

4. Grace’s dad is all of us


6. The cameraman was doing god’s work

7. Ratty Healy looks like he’s about to ask for your vote

8. He looks good doing it too

9. His teammates really pulled through for him

10. The Swiftie nation will never forget

11. It’s giving Barbie and Ken energy

12. Charitable queen

13. I’m kicking my feet and giggling rn

14. I’m a Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship stan

15. Touchdown (Taylor’s version)

16. I feel inspired to be honest

17. Finally she’s dating someone who could be president

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