Shay Patten-Walker and who Sex Education season four episode five is in memory of

Who was Shay Patten-Walker? Who episode five of Sex Education season four is in memory of

They died last year and were very close to the show

No spoilers – but season four of Sex Education takes us on an emotional rollercoaster – you’re left feeling all kinds of ways from the episodes. One particularly emotional episode of Sex Education season four is episode five, which at the end is dedicated to a person called Shay Patten-Walker.

Throught the episode we’re following Cal, who is finding the process of transitioning difficult. They are coming to terms with how they feel, and learning a lot about themselves, whilst also juggling feelings of being alone and isolated.

This turns to Cal getting feelings that they don’t belong and having a mental breakdown. The turbulent episode is in memory of Shay Patten-Walker, so you might be wondering who they were and what links they had to Sex Education on Netflix.

Who was Shay Patten-Walker and what was their impact on Sex Education?

Shay Patten-Walker was a trans activist. They took their own life last year, in February 2022. Aged just 24, Shay Patten-Walker worked as a gender consultant for Sex Education, and worked closely on stories about Cal.

They went to the University of Greenwich, and worked as a freelance speaker and facilitator for various LGBTQ+ and human rights organisations.

TransActual director Rico Chance said: “Shay was one of the pillars in the Trans/NB community. They knew everyone, loved everyone and supported everyone. Even at the age of 24, they were a youth worker, poet, public speaker and activist.

“I only learned at their memorial service that they worked with Netflix to create diversity on the screen, the humility on that one. They used their voice to inspire, educate and empower, creating positive change and uplifting the community. We love you Shay, and I’m glad you’ve found peace. Your light will never be forgotten.”

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