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MAFS UK’s Shona said her sister wanted ‘nothing to do’ with her wedding and didn’t attend

Shona said she was ‘so scared to tell’ her family about being cast on the show

Shona from MAFS UK 2023 has revealed to The Tab how her family supported her decision to go on the show, but didn’t attend her on-screen wedding.

The performing arts teacher from Nottingham previously outlined how she was eager for the experiment to help her break the cycle of whirlwind flings and to find Mr Right. But conscious of her family’s reaction, she was nervous to share the news of her impending wedding after quickly being cast for the new season of the show.

The 31-year-old said that her mum was “on the fence” about her TV wedding, and that her sister refused to come to the ceremony, saying she didn’t want to be involved.

“My sister was like, hey, I support you but I’m not coming to the wedding, I want nothing to do with it”.

Despite calling her family “amazing”, she shared how she was “so scared” to tell them she would be a bride on the newest season, explaining how she wouldn’t have wanted to have done the show if they had expressed their discontent. Shona also told The Tab that her ex-boyfriend was not pleased to hear she’d be joining the experiment, even going so far as to say she ruined his favourite show.

Shona’s dad was more open to the idea, with a “why not?” attitude to her marrying a stranger. Wanting to make her family proud, Shona expressed how she cared a lot about her family’s opinions to her marrying a stranger and after having “a lot of two year relationships”, felt like MAFS was the answer.

“I applied for MAFS because I’ve had a lot of two year relationships like loads and loads and loads. And I was like, Oh, this relationship ended, I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I’m nearly 31, I want to meet the love of my life, I feel like he doesn’t live in Nottingham.”

She further explained her decision to join the show as a good match for her, being “an open book”, and went on to explain that the show was her “destiny”. Getting cast really fast after applying, Shona told The Tab she believed that the show was “what I’m meant to be doing”.

And it seems like she might be right after she told the other brides that she loved her groom before she’d even met him: “I was like, he is the love of my life – wasn’t I? At the hen do I was like, he’s the love of my life. I felt it in my body.” I actually think that it’s mega cute!

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