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Nathanial from MAFS UK says he prefers dating guys because girls are ‘hard work’

‘I’m a black queer guy and I’m pansexual, I think a lot of people put you in boxes’

Nathanial Valentino from the newest season of Married At First Sight UK has spoken out about his dating preferences ahead of the show, which aires next week.

Speaking as a black queer guy who’s pansexual, Nathanial explained to The Tab that he just “loves people” rather than genders but that others always tried to put him in a box when he was growing up.

Nathanial said: “I probably prefer guys, because it’s easier. I think girls, yous are hard work.

“But I love people. And I love getting to learn about people, I fall in love with a person.” The 36-year-old went on to explain the difficulties of that, and how past relationships have impacted his dating life and people’s perceptions of him.

Nathanial said: “So life’s a bit difficult. Sometimes people will judge you on who your ex is or what they think you are from the outside inwards.”

With MAFS UK Nathanial being pansexual, he spoke on his decision to go on the show and said it would be opening up a door where he could meet someone. He told The Tab: “They could get to know me as me. And I can get to know someone in a different way than just sex straightaway.”

Despite being on TV shows such as Young, Wild and Free and Geordie Shore in the past, Nathanial said this experience was “way harder” due to the fact that he was required to do it alongside someone else.

He spoke of the difficulties of that, describing the whole ordeal as being like “trying to do a three legged race”.

“I can be happy when I need to be happy but when you’re dealing with someone else’s emotions… Let’s put it as you’re doing a three legged race. And the person that you’re trying to do the three legged race with is not good. That what it was like.”

Speaking about his marriage, Nathanial was proud of how he conducted himself throughout the experiment, calling himself “amazing”. He told The Tab: “I think I did everything right. I think I couldn’t have done anything more perfect. And I’m not even going to be like thinking that I’m being big headed. I think I did everything in the best of my abilities.

“I think I couldn’t have done any better with what I was given. And I’m just gonna keep being me because I know that I’m a good person and I only give good energy.”

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