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MAFS UK’s Luke says his ex-girlfriend tried to ‘turn up and stop’ his wedding on the show

‘Unfortunately, you only get one chance with me’

Luke Worley from the newest season of Married At First Sight UK has revealed how his ex-girlfriend tried to ‘turn up and stop’ his wedding on the show.

He said that his decision to join the experiment “shocked” family and friends, some more than others, but that they always want the best for him and so ultimately understood his choice.

But when it came to his ex-girlfriend of eight years, sharing the news of his upcoming wedding didn’t seem to go as smoothly. Speaking of his ex’s family, Luke said he was “close” with them and so decided to tell them, but ended up bumping into his ex a few days later.

After his MAFS UK wedding, Luke revealed that his ex was actually going to find the venue and try to stop the marriage. He said: “With regards to my ex, I’m still close to her family so I told her family and then I did see her out in the pub, three days later. And she was telling me she was going to find out where the wedding was in, turn up and try and stop it. She didn’t thankfully”.

Luke didn’t tell Channel 4 about his ex’s antics, instead keeping it quiet just in case: “I didn’t even tell the channel about that. She told me she was going to try and do that but obviously the venue was secret. So there was no way, I didn’t even know where the venue was until a couple of days before. So yeah, there’s no chance of her doing that.”

Despite being the one to end the relationship, Luke’s ex apparently “wasn’t happy” about hearing the news of his marriage to a stranger and won’t watch the show when it aires.

“But she wasn’t she wasn’t happy. We were together for eight years. She wouldn’t watch [the show when it comes out], she left me, but she regrets it. But unfortunately, you only get one chance with me.”

Following the shock of hearing about his TV appearance and MAFS UK wedding, Luke explained how his family are now supportive of him being on the show, saying that they want him to find someone and that he’s always been the nice guy. They’re also firm believers that “nice guys always come last” and always wanting the best for him, they wanted to change that.

Describing the experiment as “powerful”, Luke explained how the show gave him “some of the best times of [his] life”. Being very sociable, he didn’t struggle to mix with bold personalities but hinted at drama, saying “there’s certain cast members I can’t stand”. I guess we’ll find out who.

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