MAFS UK 2023 predictions

From kicking off to cracking on: What you can expect on MAFS UK 2023 according to the cast

Thomas really is a dark horse

As we ramp up for the first new episode of season eight of Married At First Sight, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that this year’s brides and grooms are feisty, and we’re in for a whole load of drama. The cast members are already teasing at what will go down and whether they had any beef throughout the experiment – it seems they’re desperate for us to know the tea, and we’re already making MAFS UK 2023 predictions. With 36 episodes this time around and a much more diverse cast from all walks of life, this season looks packed with the perfect balance of drama and love.

Here are our MAFS UK 2023 predictions, as told by the cast:

There’ll be a whole load of sex

It seems that it’s not just the bedrooms that are getting heated but the dinner parties too, as confirmed by both cast members and experts alike, the new season of MAFS is set to be as dramatic and explosive as ever. While she couldn’t spill much, sex and relationship therapist Charlene Douglas revealed to The Tab that this season will see a lot more conversation around sex compared to previous years.

“I feel like this year is the year where we have more healthy conversations around sex. And I definitely think that you’ll have couples watching MAFS and they’ll be pressing pause and will be discussing sex within their own relationship based on what they’ve seen on the show. So I’m really looking forward to that. That’s the bit that I can say, lots of sex.”

There’ll be some serious kick offs

On the topic of drama, Thomas and Terrence teased tension, saying that the pressure of being around each other all of the time often resulted in things blowing out of proportion.

Thomas told Heart: “It was so explosive, it was like an H-bomb went off. I can just remember I was between two people arguing just eating my pork thinking ‘hmm… I’m just so hungry.'” We now know from Ella that there are two male villains and “maybe one female”, but ruled herself, Peggy, Rosaline and Shona out.

Luke also revealed to The Tab that a lot of drama occurred during dinner, where things tended to “kick off” rather explosively. After admitting that there are certain cast members he “can’t stand”, he said there were times he reflected back on drama and was “glad” he said his truth, which was inevitable after constantly being “on each other’s toes”.


Being the eldest cast member, Terrence said he tried to stay out of the tensions as much as possible. Speaking of his experience, he said: “I don’t feel I could get involved in some of the crazy dramas that happened. I feel like there’s a few things I probably would have done a little bit differently.”

Expect to see both physical and emotional connections

Hinting at consummating the marriages, we asked grooms Thomas, Terrence and Paul whether they had jumped head first into their marriage, or whether they took a while to establish a connection.

Paul said: “It depends, if it’s sexual then I’m straight in there, if it’s emotional it takes a while”.

Thomas partly agreed, explaining: “If I feel like I don’t want to see them again, I will jump into it. But when I really care about someone, I do want to take my time.”

Terrence, on the other hand said that his approach to sexual relationships has changed over the years. He told The Tab: “I didn’t even want to go in there straightaway and try and jump into bed. I feel that I’ve grown myself as a person.”

Previously being someone to go in head first, he’s now changed his outlook and considers connection as a two way street, something to work at together.

“If you’d have asked me this 20 years ago, I would have said that 100 per cent. Now it’s completely different. I feel like it’s always the man who’s got to chase the woman. Actually, I’m an alright catch myself. So it’s almost like meeting halfway, let’s work at it together.”

Thomas has already earned his title as a “dark horse” by Paul, who said “What you see isn’t always what you get” regarding his fellow cast member. When asked whether he was ready for fame and people knowing who he is, Thomas joked that it won’t be anything out of the ordinary for him: “I think I’ve got enough people in my DMs! I’m joking!”

He went on to tell The Tab that he wasn’t sure whether fame would change his life that much for him. He said: “The only person I’ve had approach me so far is a little old lady who said, ‘Oh are you from MAFS? You look so lovely'”.

What’s more, it seems like there won’t be any couples swapping this year like we’ve seen previously, with Ella explaining to Heart: “I don’t think any of us would be crazy enough to do that, especially after last year’s backlash.”

Personalities clash hard among both brides and grooms

The MAFS cast members also discussed how they dealt with challenging relationships with the other brides and grooms, with some of them being described as “very opinionated”. Jay and Tasha told The Tab that navigating relationships with other big personalities was hard, and that being forced together with others was “daunting”, despite her outgoing personality.

“It’s daunting, very daunting. When you’re all in that room, all together, same time and you’re like, I thought I was a big personality, shit”.

Tasha agreed and said that she’s considered the big personality in her friendship group, but put together with other cast members, she considered herself “not funny”, but “quiet and boring” in comparison.

Brad’s experience in the experiment was similar and he recalled how his usually confident demeanour was challenged: “I mean I walked in thinking it was going to be a breeze, no dramas, no external sources to sort of shake me, but they did”.

The cast become genuine friends

Aside from the drama, the brides and grooms confirmed friendships among the cast members, with Ella and Peggy both being Capricorns, and Ella talking about Rosaline, saying: “this girl is my life.” Luke and Brad also mentioned the strong friendships they made during the experiment which led them to spending a lot of time with each other in the apartments.

And of course we also got hints of love being found throughout the experiment, with Arthur revealing himself as the romantic of the group. He told The Tab: “Since I was a little boy I’ve always [wanted] to find love, to be in love. I feel like life is all about love and love is all about life. I would do anything for love.” Cute!

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