Fortnite one month season

Debunking whether the next season of Fortnite is actually going to be one month long

Epic Games might not have moved to four season chapters after all

We know the drill. From Chapter 2, Epic Games made the conscious choice to shorten the amount of season in the Fortnite chapters. So much so, that Chapter 3 only ran for four seasons – starting at the end of 2021 and concluding in 2022. Everyone assumed that Fortnite Chapter 4 would run at the same length, with a four season run that gave players a full new island when December came around. But leakers and even Epic Games themselves have been peddling that this might actually not be the case – with rumours flying that when Chapter 4 Season 4 ends at the very start of November, we’ll be getting a first for the game: A month long season. Yep, just four weeks. But is its true? Here’s all we know so far about whether Fortnite is getting a month long season.

What we know…

Okay, so what we know is that yep, it’s actually happening. It’s not been officially confirmed by Epic Games, but the above tweet from ShiinaBR – a professional Fortnite leaker who never, ever gets it wrong – confirmed that Chapter 4 Season 5 exists and that Chapter 5 is also ready to begin in December. This confirms that the one month season is real and is happening, but what’s less clear is to why.

For ages, everyone thought this one month season was going to be for a big Lego collaboration. This collaboration has been confirmed by Lego and Epic Games since back in June, but details are mixed right now. Originally the one month season was thought to be for Lego because apparently the collaboration would be so big it would feel like a new season update and it needed its own space – think the island becoming full of POIs made of Lego.

Whatever the situation is with the one month chapter, it will likely be hugely impactful with regards to the Fortnite storyline. It is the final month before Chapter 5 – and no Chapter has started without a colossal bang.

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