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How Swifties are making Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ divorce all about Taylor Swift

Nobody is safe from their clutches

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be well aware of the news that after four years of marriage, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are divorcing. Obviously very sad news, but if one group of people won’t rest you know full well it’s the Swifties. They’re currently talking about it all and relating the Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner divorce back to Taylor Swift – because of course they are. Here’s why, if you didn’t know, all three of them somewhat link together.

Basically, Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas used to be a couple. You don’t have to be a Swiftie to know that Ar Tay likes to write a fair few of her classic bangers about the men in her life that wronged her. In 2021, when the first of Taylor’s rerecording projects came out (Fearless) the world got gifted a From The Vault classic: Mr Perfectly Fine. Mr Perfectly Fine is widely known to be about Taylor’s breakup from Joe Jonas – and it’s savage. Not like, All Too Well levels of savage, but savage nonetheless.

Sophie Turner, quite iconically, posted Mr Perfectly Fine to her story on Instagram when Taylor Swift released it, despite the fact the lyrics towards Joe Jonas are savage to say the least.

The chorus is as follows

Hello, Mr. “Perfectly fine”How’s your heart after breaking mine?Mr. “Always at the right place at the right time, ” babyHello Mr. “Casually cruel”Mr. “Everything revolves around you”I’ve been Ms. “Misery” since your goodbyeAnd you’re Mr. “Perfectly fine”

So, Joe doesn’t look particularly great. ‘Mr. “Insincere apology so he doesn’t look like the bad guy”‘ is another zinger.

Anyway, the Swifties are linking it all back to Taylor Swift because of the fact there’s a fair few Taylor tracks that are headed right in Joe Jonas’ direction, and Sophie Turner now has the chance to listen to diss tracks about the man divorcing her. Pop culture chaos.

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