Just 10 bank holiday festival moments that sum up how strange British people are

Reading and Leeds really is just a massive GCSE Results Day celebration

This weekend saw absolute chaos in a crossover of festivals with Leeds and Reading, Creamfields, Notting Hill Carnival and All Point’s East all happening in one weekend. But with one of the biggest festival weekends over, festival season is sadly coming to a close for another year.

August bank holiday weekend saw an absolute mud fest at Creamfields as well as Leeds and Reading, everyone’s favourite GCSE celebration that makes anyone over the age of 19 feel like you should be walking around with a zimmer frame and fake teeth. Seriously, if you have a Reading or Leeds ticket over the age of 19 you need serious help.

But if all you did was lie in bed and you’re feeling like you missed out on the festival chaos, here are 10 TikToks that will make you feel like you were covered in mud and screaming “Alan!” until 6am yourself.

Okay but I kinda want a go

Thoughts and prayers to the poor girl that got absolutely knocked out. That was a scream of pure terror.

Anyone found Alan yet?

I don’t know who the hell Alan is but he kept the entirety of Leeds and Reading from sleeping the entire weekend apparently.

I too would be terrified

I wonder how this guy is doing, I really hope he’s okay.

I can literally feel this mud on me

Thinking of all the poor New Balance 530s that have been lost to the swamp at Creamfields this weekend.

Co-Op rave

The Co-Op at Leeds and Reading feels like an alternate universe. Why am I listening to DnB while I’m trying to buy a Chicken Caesar Wrap? Kind of a vibe.

Jedward X The 1975

In the weirdest crossover episode in history, Irish legends Jedward were seen vibing to The 1975’s set at Leeds this weekend.

I’m Just Ken (Leeds Version)

How better to prepare for Billie Eilish’s headline set than moshing to “I’m Just Ken”.

In the trenches

Google search for “Do I have trench foot?” is seriously going to be up by 300 per cent after Creamfields this weekend.

Scouse Spiderman

Obsessing over whoever this girl is. “Been mad strong ever since”. Legend behaviour.

Not the wheelbarrow

This is the most Leeds thing I’ve ever seen, I’m afraid.

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