Love Island 2023 final memes

23 memes about the Love Island 2023 final that prove the season ended in chaos

I need to take compassionate leave to mourn Whitney not winning

Well, that’s that then. A miserable ending to a great season, and I think I speak for most viewers of Love Island aged under 30 who gasped in shock and some horror that Sammy and Jess won Love Island 2023 and not Whitney and Lochan – clearly the more deserving two. Overjoyed for Jess, but not for Sammy. As usual, the finale was a bit of a yawnfest – but at least the tweets and memes were absolute perfection. Here are all the memes about the Love Island 2023 final that brought us all together last night in times of somewhat trauma.

1. Jackets were certainly thrown furiously

2. Savage but extremely true

3. Whitney Army RISE

4. I am literally gobsmacked

5. Well … it’s over

6. I am weeping

7. Hello is that secret services???

8. I will literally watch her do ANYTHING

9. The grimace I’m making at the screen right now… Beyond belief

10. If I speak…

11. I can feel the venom and the fury

12. In lighter news this is making me weep in joy

13. I liked when he accidentally called him ‘national sweetheart’

14. Have to agree, nodding furiously

15. Demanding urgent recounts


17. This is the best video usage of all time I fear

18. They’re seething

19. Can’t take this anymore

20. They are next level

21. Why do I feel like they’re gonna kiss…

22. And The Louvre, The Tate and the National Gallery whilst we’re at it

23. Stop that haha

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