Lochan steps things up with Whitney, and awards and nominees for The Grafties cause beef

Expect shocking tapes, awards and acceptance speeches in the villa tonight!

Tonight the Love Island villa hosts its very own awards night, as it’s to find out the winners at The Grafties. As well as this, Lochan wants to take his relationship with Whitney to the next level.

Pulling Whitney for a chat on the terrace, Lochan says: “We’ve been basically together from day one, it’s been four weeks and I know how much I like you, and I know how serious I am about you. I wanted to feel like my parents could see that and my parents were happy and they were.”

Lochan adds: “I do know that there is no one else here or outside that I’m trying to get to know. I do see you being my girlfriend on the outside. But for me that next step, what I want to take with you is being exclusive. If you’re at that same point as well?” Does Whitney feel the same way about Lochan? Is she ready to take their relationship to the next level?

The Grafties hit the Love Island 2023 villa tonight

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Then, it’s time to roll more tapes in the villa, and host some awards – welcome to The Grafties! Ella B receives a text which reads: “Islanders. It’s time to get ready as tonight there will be an award ceremony that’s all about you. The Grafties. The winner of each category has been chosen by the public #TheNomineesAre #RollTheTapes”.

The Islanders get ready for the evening and soon head into the garden for the award ceremony. Each category has three nominees and the Islanders will watch a clip of each nominee before the winner is revealed. The winner will then collect their award and give an acceptance speech.

The Grafties hit the Love Island 2023 villa tonight

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The categories at tonight’s awards ceremony are:

  • Flirtiest Performance

    • Nominees: Abi, Scott and Ella B

  • It’s Giving Plot Twist

    • Nominees: Jess, Mitch and Zach

  • Most Snakey Sitch

    • Nominees: Abi, Jess and Lochan

  • WTF? Moment

    • Nominees: Molly, Sammy and Jess

  • Best Head to Head

    • Nominees: Whitney, Ella and Mitch

  • Mad Moves

    • Nominees: Zach, Tyrique and Mitch

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Certain clips ruffle feathers among the Islanders as they get a front row seat to an array of conversations they weren’t aware of.  Lochan’s nomination for “Most Snakey Sitch” reveals him discussing Abi and Scott’s connection which leaves Tyrique questioning his loyalty.

Tyrique says: “Lochan be pillow-talking with his girl too much.” Whitney says: What’s wrong with that? Everyone speaks to their partner.” Tyrique says: “Not about certain stuff.” Lochan says: “His points are irrelevant. He’s piping up for no reason.”

The Grafties hit the Love Island 2023 villa tonight

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Mitch’s nominations for “Mad Moves” shows the moment he was speaking to Abi at the fire pit confessing he didn’t think there was a romantic connection between him and Ella B. Ella B says: “You said you didn’t want to kiss me?” Abi says: “Didn’t you say forced?” Mitch says: “I’m extremely happy now. This is the happiest I’ve been in this villa, believe me.”

Who has the public deemed worthy of each award? And will the Islanders be left questioning connections and friendships following The Grafties? It’s all kicking off!

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