Self-care and cute reunions: Inside Kady McDermott’s first days out the Love Island villa

No sign of her apparent secret boyfriend then?

It’s been a few days now since Kady McDermott was booted out the Love Island 2023 villa, following a vote by the public for the most popular couples on the show. Kady and Ouzy found themselves among the least popular couples, and Whitney and Lochan made the decision to send them packing.

But since she’s been out and free of Love Island, Kady McDermott has been keeping booked and busy. She’s had cute reunions with family members and friends, caught up with Ouzy, and has appeared on Aftersun. Here’s a rundown of what she’s been up to.

When Kady arrived back from Love Island, her friends and family set up a cute welcome home

Kady McDermott since she came out the Love Island 2023 villa

via Instagram @kadymcdermott

Kady was spotted at the airport making her way home alongside Amber and Josh, who were dumped at the same time as her. As she arrived home, she shared pictures of her house, which friends and family had filled with balloons for her arrival. They said “welcome home pocket rocket” – the nickname Kady got during season two of the show.

She of course went straight to reuniting with her dog and Islander bestie Joanna

Kady McDermott since she came out the Love Island 2023 villa

via Instagram @kadymcdermott

Since being in the villa in 2019, Joanna Chimonides has become Kady’s bestie, and the two are both JD Ambassadors now, and host a podcast together. Joanna was one of the first people Kady saw after leaving Love Island, and they had a takeaway together at Kady’s house.

Naturally, Kady’s dog Coby was straight to the party, and Kady joked this weekend about finally being able to have more than one drink, as she was freed from the strict alcohol rules in the villa.

‘Looking forward to the next chapter’

Kady posted a collage of pictures of herself from in the villa on Instagram, and shared how grateful she is for all the support she received whilst being on the show, despite being “pretty scared” about appearing on Love Island for a second time.

“Series 2 & 10 🤝❤️🏝️,” she said. “Just want to say a HUGE thank you to all the love and support I have received whilst in the villa. I was actually pretty scared coming back for a second time but I am SO glad I did and I am so grateful for the massive opportunity. The incredible Islanders in there and every single person who works for ITV/Love Island made it so amazing and I cherished every moment, even the lows! Looking forward to the next chapter and can’t wait to bring you all along for it 🫶🏼”.

Ouzy was quick to comment on the post, adding “dream” with a fingers crossed emoji. Kady’s fellow 2023 Islander Leah, who she knew before the show, also commented: “You are so so beautiful inside and out ❤️ so glad I ever met you x”.

This weekend, Kady had a much needed self-care day

via Instagram @kadymcdermott

After weeks in the villa dressing up in the evenings and wearing bikinis all day, Kady posted about how nice it was to have a tracksuit on again. Feels. She had a self-care day, including a trip to the salon and getting her hair dyed brunette again. “Five weeks of the sun made it so blonde/orange,” she said.

Kady has also spent some time with Ouzy, who she was voted out the Love Island villa alongside

Kady McDermott since she came out the Love Island 2023 villa

via Instagram @kadymcdermott

Of course, all we want to know is if Kady and Ouzy are a thing outside the villa. They’ve posted a few times together, and have met up since both being dumped. They look pretty cosy, thanking everyone for their support and saying they’re “reunited” after a few days apart.

When they left the villa, Kady and Ouzy said they were looking forward to going on some dates together. “I’m excited to go on dates with him and experience everyday things,” Kady said. “I’ve never been to Edinburgh so I’m definitely going to go to Edinburgh. He’s got five beautiful sisters and he said they’ll all love me. He’s going to come down to my house and meet my dog.”

Ouzy added: “She said that she wants to come to Edinburgh so I’ll show her a bit of Edinburgh – that is definitely on the cards.”

Kady made a sly dig at Molly Marsh

Kady and Ouzy were dumped after being voted among the least favourite couples, and when this was announced it seemed as though Molly smirked at the result. There had been some prior beef here – obviously Kady was the one who initially caused Molly to get dumped, and then this came just after Zach had chosen to kiss Kady during Snog, Marry, Pie.

Kady called out Molly for smirking at her – she quoted a tweet about the moment and added: “Whilst she was wearing my bikini, make it make sense.” Awkward!

Kady appeared on Aftersun this weekend

via ITV

Kady was one of the guests on this weekend’s Aftersun, joined by Ouzy, Josh and Amber. She spilled some tea about her time on the show, and put to bed any rumours there’s still a spark between her and Zach.

On the show, Maya asked her: “Is there still chemistry between you and Zach?” Kady replied: “No, no, it was just a challenge and I already snogged him. Zach’s great but look at Ouzy, look at Ouzy. Just look at him. Ouzy’s the sweetest person, Zach didn’t speak much apart from browski.” Yikes!

Kady also addressed the beef on Twitter, and Molly’s smirk when she left the villa. “I got on so well with Molly, she did my hair, she wore my bikinis, there was no drama,” Kady told Maya Jama. “At the end of the day, she’s six or seven years younger than me, I can’t beef a 21-year-old.

She posted a TikTok of herself, Ouzy, Amber and Josh hanging out on the set, captioned: “Josh poured water all on my back filming this.”


Josh poured water all on my back filming this 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

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