We found old pictures of Love Island 2023’s Abi and her glow up is unbelievable

Abi without blonde hair is SO different

If you look at old pictures of Abi Moores from before her Love Island 2023 days you can see her transformation is pretty wild. If you too used to dip-dye your hair and wear heavy eye makeup, there is hope for us all.

Abi has loads of old pictures of herself on Instagram, and she looks totally different. In lots of the pics she’s not even blonde! She’s got dip-dyed brown to blonde hair, and her makeup is much heavier, with darker eyebrows.

Abi Moores from Love Island 2023 before and after transformation

via Instagram

In pictures posted by friends, Abi can be seen on a day out in London in 2017. At this time she would have been around 19, and it was before Abi started getting lip filler, which is something she’s been very open about having done.

Abi Moores from Love Island 2023 before and after transformation

via ITV / Instagram @abimooresxox

Before the villa, 25-year-old Abi posted a YouTube video of herself getting lip fillers done, saying she’s wanted the procedure done since she was 18, and first started getting them aged 23.

She first got it done in 2021, and has since been going to an aesthetics clinic in her hometown of Hampshire. In the video she said she was “terrified” to get the procedure done but said she has “wanted lip filler for so long.”

Also on her YouTube channel, which Abi has been posting on for years, some of her earlier videos show her life in much more depth. Abi quite often sits in her room and talks through what it’s like to do her day job, working in cabin crew. She has also given influencing a go, posting collabs and hauls with fashion brands.

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