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Boujee holidays and iconic friends: Inside Leah’s fabulous life before Love Island 2023

Leah went to the Molly-Mae school of Instagram and it shows

Leah have proven herself to be a staple in the Love Island 2023 villa after forming a strong connection with Montel and solid friendships with all the girls. Before joining the show, Leah already knew what Love Island had to offer given her very long list of Islander connections.

The social media marketer was living a fairly boujee life before she stepped foot into the villa as a bombshell and no doubt will go back to even more lavish holidays and taking even more stunning pictures for her Instagram followers.

So while she’s falling even more for Montel as the days go on, here’s everything you need to know about Leah before she took part on Love Island 2023.

She is a dancer and is actually really good

Prior to joining the world of social media marketing, Leah was a dancer and she was actually really good. When she was a dancer, Leah danced onstage at the European Music Awards with Rita Ora and Camila Cabello.

Videos of Leah dancing have been circulating on social media and she looked completely different in her old look. The Islander has been on TikTok for some time and so of course has taken part in some truly cringe dance trends.

Leah has also danced more professionally and videos of her dancing a routine with other dancers have been shared across TikTok while she has been in the villa.

Her best friend is icon Maura Higgins

Leah was already well connected with former Islanders before joining this year as a bombshell and her best friend is none other than Maura Higgins.

When Leah was entering the villa, the former Islander posted a picture of her best pal on her Instagram story and wrote: “SCREEEEMMMIINNNGGG!!!!! FINALLY @leahjtaylorr.”

Speaking ahead of her appearance on the show, Leah revealed her friendship with Maura. When asked what her favourite Love Island moment was, she said: “My favourite thing I’ve ever watched is Maura Higgins’ best bits, she’s one of my best friends so we watched it together one night and couldn’t stop laughing, she’s hilarious.”

Leah has had a huge glow up

Photos of Leah before her transformation have been circulating across social media and she looks SO different.

Someone on TikTok managed to find old pictures of Leah from her younger years and her hair isn’t the only difference. When she was younger, Leah had heavier eyebrows, dark brown hair and a random side flip hairstyle.

Leah did used to sport her darker hair years ago and Molly even made a comment that her look has switched up completely for the villa. When Leah joined the show, Molly realised she knew her and noted how different she looks as she used to have brown hair.

As an influencer she is always attending boujee events and jet-setting on lavish holidays

Leah was a micro influencer of sorts before she became a Love Islander and her Instagram is an ode to that. Her Instagram is full of pictures of her on amazing holidays and boujee events to last a lifetime. Some of the places Leah has visited include Marbella, Monaco and the Maldives. Are you jealous? I’m jealous.

Leah has got the minimalist style down

Leah’s Instagram is very much giving beige minimalist vibes and she does it in the best way possible. She went to the Molly-Mae school of Instagram and it shows.

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Featured image credit via Instagram @leahjtaylorr.