Speak Now vault songs ranked

All six vault songs on Taylor Swift’s Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), ranked

Shaking over the Hayley Williams feature

Taylor Swift is now halfway through her rereleasing mission, and it’s obvious to anyone with ears and an awareness of streaming and sales stats that the reclamation project has been a resounding success. The albums are given a new lease of life, and Taylor’s voice has come on so far since her early records hearing her sing them with her mature vocal is nothing short of thrilling. Today is the long awaited debut of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) – a fan favourite album and one that comes with six never before heard songs from the Swiftian vault. So let’s rank them shall we? Here are all six From The Vault Speak Now songs ranked from worst to best!

6. When Emma Falls in Love

Not to be a crank, but this one is garbage. Unlike the tales she tells on Folklore and Evermore, this song about Emma falls on deaf ears. Generic and uninteresting. Perhaps some songs should literally just stay in the vault.

5. Castles Crumbling

It pains me DEEPLY to rank a song that features Hayley Thee Williams second worst, but this song goes absolutely nowhere for me. It’s beyond belief that you’d get one of the biggest vocalists on earth on your track where she gets no opportunity to flex how big her pipes are. She’d have suited something a bit more Better Than Revenge-y, don’t you think?

4. Foolish One

A rare complaint for me about song length, but I think Foolish One would benefit from being about a minute shorter. It dwindles on, but can see it really growing on me even if the lyrical content is a bit twee.

3. Timeless

Too many of the Speak Now Vault songs ranked here all feel samey. This song sounds almost indistinguishably identical to Back To December, and if it wasn’t for different lyrical content and if you just sang the melody at me I’d literally be none the wiser.

2. Electric Touch

A Fall Out Boy feature here to redeem the horror of Me, Electric Touch has a lot of oomph to it – it’s got the same kind of vibe as State of Grace and feels like a precursor to the Red opener knowing this was lurking in the vault circa Speak Now. You’ve heard it all before, but this one soars above the four ranked before it thanks to a genuinely banging chorus.

1. I Can See You

Yep! The only straight up great new song from the Speak Now vault songs ranked here. That funky little guitar? More of that please, Swift! Too many Taylor songs start with an “ah-ah-ah-ah” but I’ll let it off because it moves with such a slick little strut it’s hard to resist. Kind of feels like a Miley Cyrus track in the best way possible. Loving it


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