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Can’t wait to be fighting for my life on Ticketmaster

After months of the Eras tour in America, Taylor Swift has finally dropped the dates for her UK and international tickets. The UK Eras tour will come to Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff and London next summer, with tickets to see Taylor Swift in the flesh set to come on sale very soon.

But now, Taylor Swift fans who have already been to her American Eras tour dates are quite literally doing the Lord’s work, giving us all their best hints and tips for how best to secure tickets. Brb, following every single word of this – I can’t wait to fight in the Ticketmaster trenches.

With the UK dates coming on sale soon, here’s how to get tickets for the Taylor Swift Eras tour, by fans who have managed to secure them:

Make sure you pre-register, and see if you can get pre-sale

To filter out bots and people buying tickets to re-sell, you first have to register with Ticketmaster in its Ticket Sale Registration. You can register with Ticketmaster for UK Eras tour shows here – make sure you do it by 11.59pm on Thursday 22nd June.

Once you’ve registered, fans will be selected to be given access to the sale, on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re not selected straight away, you’ll be placed on a waitlist and may be invited to the sale if more tickets come available. You’ll be told on 5th July if you’ve been given access to the sale or if you’re on the waitlist.

TikTok user Alex, who got tickets for the American tour, points out that in the UK, there’s a pre-sale for fans who pre-ordered the Midnights album back in 2022. You should be invited to this by the official site.

Pick the Taylor Swift Eras tour show you want to get tickets for wisely, and be flexible

One thread on Twitter, by a user called Marie who managed to get tickets for the Eras tour at MetLife, a stadium in New Jersey in America, has now been seen over two million times.

One of Marie’s main tips is to be flexible over which shows you can go to, if you can, and try to work out which ones might have less demand. London might be the most popular out of the UK, and other major European cities like Paris or Madrid could also have lots of competition. Could you make a holiday of it and go to the Eras tour somewhere you think less people might be travelling to?

Work out how much you can pay and stick to it

Naturally, you want to do anything you can to secure your spot at the Eras tour and see Taylor Swift in real life – but tickets could get expensive. Know your budget and stick to it, to stop any unwanted surprises or spending your entire months’ rent in a panic.

“Make sure you have that sum on your account,” Marie says, “as the prices and extra fees might be more than you expect. When I got through the queue, I had to choose between $800 VIP seats and nosebleeds, which were still overpriced.”

Make sure your account is fully up to date

Make sure your Ticketmaster account, or whatever account you’ll be buying the Eras tour tickets on, is up to date before the tickets go on sale, Marie says. You can add your card details in advance and even link it to your PayPal.

When buying tickets, get there early and only open the page once

Only open the ticket page, when they go on sale, on one page on one device, rather than in multiple windows. “For the USA presale, we could only use one device & one page”, Marie says. If you want to do it on multiple, use different accounts that have different emails.

And make sure you’re logged in at least 10 minutes before the sale actually starts, to give you the best chance against the thousands of other people in the queue.

Be patient and don’t refresh the ticket queue

Marie had to wait over two hours for tickets. Remember you’ll probably have to wait and the website might crash, but be patient and don’t refresh the page or you might lose your spot. And make sure you have good WiFi!

Move fast af

“Once you get to the sale page, you have to be FAST! No time to think, just grab the first tickets you can afford and run to the check out”, Marie says.

“Getting your hands on the tickets for the popular dates from resellers will be hard, so you really want to succeed during the official sale!”

Alex echoes this: “Don’t take a long time to choose your ticket. Act fast, you do not have time to shop around because while you’re thinking and choosing, other people are stealing your tickets.”

Don’t get more than three tickets

“This is not the time to save your friends and family, you’re fighting a war for yourself”, Alex says. Alex recommends trying to get two or three tickets maximum, “there’s such a high demand that if you look for more tickets it’s probably not gonna give you any options”.

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