Quiz: Can you guess the Taylor Swift music video from just one screenshot?

If you get them all you deserve Eras Tour tickets

With 10 albums, each paired with its own iconic era, Taylor Swift has a LOT of music to her name. Because of this, she also has a pretty big catalog of music videos, going all the way back to her country Tim McGraw days, through the pop bible that is 1989 and the folky sounds of her her 2020 sister albums, all the way up to her current era Midnights.

Think you’re a true Swiftie? Here’s your opportunity to show off your Taylor Swift music video knowledge. From just one screenshot, can you name 13 of her iconic music videos? Can you tell era from era based on its aesthetics? Outfits? How curly her hair is?

While you wait to battle it out in the great war on Ticketmaster, here’s your chance to really prove you deserve those Eras Tour tickets:


All images including featured image via Taylor Swift YouTube.

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