An Islander stormed out the villa?! Plus Tyrique is cracking on with Kady!!

The Casa fallout really is ON

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An Islander stormed out the villa following the Casa Amor recoupling

Love Island 2023

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Yesterday, ahead of the coupling happening, it was reported things got so intense an Islander stormed out the villa whilst filming. The Sun has since reported this was Tink, who was left so upset by Montel choosing Leah she tried to walk out during it all.

A source said: “Tink was absolutely fuming about Montel’s decision and how he basically brushed her off. She had to be stopped from storming off out of the villa – she was telling the other girls he’d used her and was now acting like she didn’t matter.”

Tink has spilled all following being dumped

Following being dumped, Tink has described herself as “flabbergasted” by Montel’s decision to stick with Leah, and said he made it seem as though he was going to pick her. “Montel told me that in the two days that we had together he knew we had a lot more in common than him and Leah,” she said.

“He gave me no inclination that he would sway back towards Leah. He was very open and instigated a lot, asking me to stay in his bed and pulling me to the terrace.”

She added: “For me if you can move mad like that I don’t want any involvement. In the nicest possible way, Leah can have him…” Read the full interview with Tink here.

Umm, apparently Mehdi is now waiting for Whitney on the outside?

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After changing his tune a million times in the villa, and falling out with her loads, Medhi has now said he’s waiting for Whitney on the outside? Umm, has he been watching the show since he was dumped?

Speaking to Digital Spy about how he feels about their relationship now, Mehdi said: “I feel like we owe each other a date on the outside. I feel like we’ll be more comfortable and we will enjoy more than the ones in the villa, definitely.”

Following what happened with Ella, Tyrique is now cracking on with Kady!!!

Love Island 2023

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Tonight’s episode looks DRAMATIC. Ella and Tyrique sit down to talk about the recoupling, and Tyrique tells her he “didn’t do a single thing” during Casa, compared to her cracking on and bringing Ouzy back. “We decided to close things off, and now you’ve done this,” he says to her, before concluding it’s all over.

Then, Kady gets a text saying she, Jess, Scott and Tyrique are all single, so it’s time for them to head out for cocktails together.

Getting ready in the bedroom with Scott, Tyrique says: “Obviously Ella’s made me single, might as well go and get to know Kady init. Time to bounce back.” Entering a secret Spanish garden, sipping their mojitos, Tyrique makes a toast: “Cheers to being single and not caring. Still cracking on…”

Oh my god!

Also in tonight’s episode, Leah questions Montel

Love Island 2023

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Obviously following Tink saying she and Montel got up to things that “weren’t PG” in the bedroom, we all want to know if Montel is going to come clean to Leah. It looks like he’s sticking to his story that it was just a kiss he shared with Tink, when Leah asks him about it.

Wanting answers, Leah says: “In that moment, all you had to do was say I kissed her…not mentioning the boys. That’s all you had to do. I would have been like, ‘cool, thanks for telling me’ and moved on…no two people physically push your heads together…you can’t blame it on everyone else.”

Montel attempts to assure Leah as he says: “It was a massive mistake from me. Over the last 24 hours I’ve learnt a lot…the happiest moment was me seeing you walk back by yourself.”

Everyone thinks Molly and Kady are going to clash biiiiiiig time in the villa

We all saw the snide looks Kady and Molly gave each other when Kady walked back in the villa alone and saw Molly was back and coupled up with Zach. It was a lot. Now, people on Twitter are talking about how they’re convinced the two girls hate each other, and everything is going to kick off between them.

I’m ready for hell to break loose!


I hope you’re all ready, because iconic movie night is BACK. According to reports, it’s being filmed tonight, so will be aired in the coming days. The episode has been called “the most dramatic yet – with every couple rocked by the secrets revealed.”

A TV insider said: “Every couple in the villa will be affected by the truth bombs that will be screened, and it remains to be seen which pairs will be left standing in the wreckage.” Read more here.

I’m living for all this drama!

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