‘I’m still confused’: The Casa Amor 2023 Islanders are livid about being dumped

‘If Jess took a step back and had a real think, she would’ve realised she had a good looking boy in front of her’

I’m not going to lie, I’m still recovering from last night. Naturally, we all have our predictions going into the big Casa Amor recoupling, and yeah, for a few I saw the shocks coming. But overall, some of the recouplings and who ended up getting dumped after Casa Amor 2023 had me pretty shook.

A small part of me expected Ella to walk back in with Ouzy, but watching it play out was an entirely different ball game. And as for Montel and Leah. Wow. Who knew they’d ever provide drama?! I’m sat.

There were shocking revelations, breakups, tears, and a whole lot of gasps and Molly Marsh doing that silly thing with her eyes trying to become a meme. And spoiler: The Casa Amor Islanders who just got dumped are livid their Love Island 2023 journeys are over. Here’s what they all had to say.

Who got dumped from Casa Amor Love Island 2023 and what the Islanders said

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‘I’m still confused’

Right, let’s address the elephant in the room: Did anyone else feel as though Sammy was swaying towards Gabby, but then randomly chose Amber? If so you’re not alone, Gabby feels exactly the same.

“I’m still confused!” Gabby said, when asked what happened. “Sammy was not on my radar at all before I walked in but as soon as I walked in he caught my eye, I was like woah, he’s really attractive.

“Our first chat was natural, really cheeky and flirty and I thought, maybe he is on my radar now. I don’t think I expressed it much to the group, so when I did start to get interested in Sammy it was a shock to everyone. I just went with my feelings and how I felt at the time. We had a lot of flirty energy after our kiss but we didn’t have deep conversations, which I think he got more from Amber. I wish them all the best.”

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Were any of the Casa Amor 2023 Islanders surprised they were dumped?

I always wonder how much the Casa bombshells actually think they’re going to make it into the main villa. Obviously Tink thought she had a big shot with Montel, and said she was  “shocked” and “didn’t expect” to get dumped, as she had a “genuine connection” with Montel. “I was 90 per cent sure I would stay,” she said.

Kodie was also surprised he didn’t get chosen by one of the girls, and said: “I was surprised a bit because me and Jess really started to connect but then she decided she wasn’t feeling it. Jess hadn’t really mentioned Sammy to me, so I was surprised by how she felt.”

Ben added: “I had some good conversations with Leah and Kady, which made me think it could progress but we obviously didn’t have a spark.”

‘I thought we would have progressed further’

During Casa, we saw Zachary chatting to Jess quite a lot. Jess was previously in a friendship couple with Mitchel, so it was quite surprising she chose not to recouple. This clearly came as a surprise to Zachary too, who said he had a good connection with her. “I think to a certain extent yes, we would have progressed further,” he said. “I went with the energy that I was receiving. Jess is a really fun and lovely girl.”

Awkwardly, Kodie also thinks things could have gone further with Jess. When asked if he did, he said: “Definitely. I think if Jess took a step back from things and had a real think, she would have realised she had a good looking boy in front of her who was very much into her.”

Ben thinks Catherine and Elom had the best connection

Who got dumped from Casa Amor Love Island 2023 and what the Islanders said

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One of the biggest shockers came when Catherine recoupled, leaving Scott single. But to the Casa Islanders this wasn’t as big surprise, as Ben said out of everyone there, Catherine and Elom had the best connection.

“They had the most organic connection, which you could see in the villa,” he said. “They are both so relaxed with each other, which made it easier for them to forge a strong connection. They definitely have potential to work on the outside!”

Tink had *a lot* to say about Montel

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Tink described herself as “flabbergasted” by Montel’s decision to stick with Leah, and said he had made it seem like he was going to pick her. “Montel told me that in the two days that we had together he knew we had a lot more in common than him and Leah,” she said.

“He gave me no inclination that he would sway back towards Leah. He was very open and instigated a lot, asking me to stay in his bed and pulling me to the terrace.”

She added: “For me if you can move mad like that I don’t want any involvement. In the nicest possible way, Leah can have him…”

Read the full interview with Tink here.

What was the Casa Amor recoupling actually like for those who were there?

Right, so what actually was it like during the tense recoupling scenes?! Gabby said her “jaw was on the floor the entire time” and she was “very shocked” by how things played out. “I was surprised because everyone expected the boys to move like mad but actually it was the girls,” she said. “When Ella walked in with Ouzy, everyone was like oh my god. Obviously Tyrique wasn’t happy with that.”

Who got dumped from Casa Amor Love Island 2023 and what the Islanders said

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Tink added: “It was total madness. Outside of my situation with Montel, the most shocking moment was seeing Tyrique stand on his own at the fire pit. Even though he said he missed the game he really has shown a lot of growth and he was so honest in his speech.”

Zachary said “you could cut the tension with a knife” and described it as very “high emotions for some.”

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