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A year since they said ‘I do’, this is what the MAFS UK 2022 cast are all up to now

Thomas is in a new relationship!

It’s been a year since the Married at First Sight UK cast said their vows and ‘I dos’ at the altar before it was then televised for the nation to see. While viewers wait not-so patiently for the 2023 UK seasons to drop after teasers from experts and rumours of the cast, what are last year’s cast all up to? Only one couple from the 2022 season stayed together, but a lot of them have moved on and are in new relationships living their best lives. So, this is what the MAFS UK 2022 cast are all up to now.


After Thomas left the MAFS UK experiment he soon became an icon on social media. The former groom has been living his best life since the show and is now in a new relationship.

Sharing a photo of his new partner, Thomas wrote: “Liverpool’s answer to MGK and Megan Fox. It was important to me to show a same sex couple in mainstream media and I know that New Magazine had done this before. Not only to normalise LGBTQIA existence in society but to have it reflected in the media during pride month is so important!” Wholesome!

In March 2023, Thomas announced his new drag persona, Pam Sandwich. Confirming the exciting news, she said: “So huns, I’ve decided to call my drag family – because no one wants to be a part of it and no one wants to adopt me – the Haus of Subway, because obviously I’m Pam Sandwich.”

An icon!


Chanita was the golden girl of the MAFS UK 2022 season, especially given how perfectly she was matched to Jordan on the experiment. Since appearing on the show, Chanita has been attending movie premieres, going on boujee holidays and appearing on podcasts.

She also reunited with her MAFS UK co-stars in April 2023, including Zoe and Jenna, Kasia, Adrian and Duka.

Chanita recently opened up about the mental toll watching herself back on MAFS UK took on her. A year on from her wedding ceremony, Chanita revealed she felt “lonely” after not finding what she wanted on the experiment.

In an interview with OK! Chanita said it was “tough” to watch herself back. “Watching the show back, I felt so many emotions,” she explained.

“I was cringing at myself thinking, ‘Why did I look like that? What did I react like that? Did I really say that?’ It was tough because when you watch it, it takes you back to exactly how you felt at that time.”

Chanita and Jordan were matched together on the experiment, however once filming ended they soon went their separate ways.


Adrian has been living his best life since the experiment, and even launched his own podcast alongside co-star Sophie Brown.

He has remained close friends with Sophie and the pair recently went on a Virgin Voyages cruise together, travelling across Europe.

Adrian has also rekindled a friendship with Thomas, who he was matched with on the experiment. In a post marking one year since their ‘wedding’, Adrian wrote: “It has been one of the toughest and craziest years of my life with more ups and downs than you could count and I’m still extremely grateful that we got to go through it together.

“Even though we don’t communicate anymore, I want every happiness for him, every flirt, fancy, emotion, experience and enormous love he can find, and I have no doubt on this earth that he truly wants and wishes the same for me.

“So from Good Cop to Bad Cop, ‘H’ from Steps & Claire Balding…Happy Anniversary. Thanks for the ride, it was never boring.”

Zoe and Jenna

Zoe and Jenna are the only couple from MAFS UK 2022 who stayed together after the cameras stopped rolling. The pair have stayed strong and they both recently went on a Virgin Voyages cruise across Europe.

They both went back to their day jobs after the experiment and recently celebrated one year of being in a relationship. In a post signifying the year, Zoe wrote: “It’s probably been the best year of my life and I feel very thankful that I gave into my sister moaning and sent the application in.”


Whitney was dubbed as a bridezilla during the 2022 series but has since levelled up and has been enjoying her best single life since then. She has been attending award shows, going on lavish holidays and taking part in obstacle courses and looking great doing it.

She has remained close friends with April since the show and they have been attending red carpets and movie premieres together ever since the experiment ended.

Looking back on her time on the show a year later, Whitney said she got “so much more out of the experiment” than just being in a couple. “It wasn’t always easy but I’m happy I did it,” she wrote.


April was already fairly well known before she appeared on the show and was Ms Great Britain 2020/21. Similarly to Whitney, April has been enjoying her time on holidays, attending events and debuting her stunning fashion sense on Instagram.

She was recently in Tanzania and Zanzibar and honestly, I’m quite jealous! She has been safari trips, plane rides and obviously catching a gorgeous tan.


Duka left the experiment single after his relationship with Whitney didn’t work out. Recently he has been playing in charity football matches, making art and spending time with his MAFS UK co-stars. He has also been sharing social commentaries, with one being about gender reveal parties.


Since appearing on the MAFS UK experiment, Jordan has been hanging out with Geordie Shore star Nathan Henry, and was even at his welcome back party after he was booted from I’m A Celebrity: Australia.

Like a fair few of his co-stars, Jordan was invited to go on a Virgin Voyages cruise and spent a lot of his June travelling around Europe.


After taking part in the experiment, Gemma put the show behind her and moved on. Gemma went back to work as a hairdresser and takes care of her two children, Ozzy and Cash.

The former bride recently opened up about her battle with an alcohol addiction, saying it had “taken over” her life.

On Instagram, Gemma told her followers what she had been dealing with. “Hi guys. I’m just coming onto Instagram to talk about something incredibly important and something that has been affecting my life for a really, really long time. I’ve been struggling with addiction and it’s taken over my life,” she began.

Gemma is now taking party in the 12 steps of recovery programme and is working with a sponsor. “In this period, I’ve reached out and asked for help from people who understand because they’ve been through it,” she rounded out the post.


Lara wasn’t on MAFS UK for very long after her relationship with Richie broke down. Since then, Lara has launched her own podcast called Lara on Eyre and has been interviewing the latest contestants from Married at First Sight Australia.

She has interviewed the likes of Adam Seed, Alyssa Barmonde and Jesse Burford. Alongside that, Lara debuted a new hair colour and grinding on her podcast.


Richie launched a YouTube channel after appearing on MAFS UK in 2022 called GearUp Guru. His videos include reviews, blogs and tips and advice for people starting out in the music industry.


Kasia was already a successful entrepreneur before taking part in the experiment and has gone back to driving success towards her business. She recently visited the PrettyLittleThing showroom in London and travelled to Trindad for a holiday.

Kasia stays in touch with a number of her co-stars including Whitney and April. Back in December, Kasia went on a staycation to Wales with April and Whitney for Whitney’s birthday.


Sophie was matched with Johnathan while on MAFS UK, but the pair didn’t make it past filming for the experiment. Since then, Sophie has remained close friends with Adrian and they have launched a podcast called Thrived Pod.

Alongside her new business venture, Sophie has been travelling across Europe and attending boujee events like Royal Ascot. The tech girly also has another podcast called Loose Lips with Robyn Richford.

During the podcast, Sophie and Robyn “discuss a new juicy topic and listener dilemma each week”.


After his relationship broke down with Gemma and then Whitney, Matt started dating 2021 bride Marilyse Corrigan. In November 2022, the pair finally confirmed they were dating after months of speculation.

Matt posted a photo of the pair kissing and captioned it: “Reality TV is not the real world – this is. Good came from the bad.” However, four months later they broke up. The former couple announced the news on Instagram, with Marilyse wishing Matt “all the best for his future”.

Matt is now a personal trainer alongside owning his own barber shop. He often shares exercise routines and workouts with his clients on his social media.


Johnathan is now a travel and fitness enthusiast and has chosen to put MAFS UK well and truly in the past. In December 2022, the former groom announced he was “distancing” himself from the show following drama around the Christmas reunion episode.

“After the cringefest that was the MAFS Christmas special, I thought I’d address the sh*tshow of comments that have followed and were also made throughout the series,” Johnathan wrote on an Instagram story.

He concluded his statement by saying: “Since leaving the show and having experienced the level of toxicity that has been directed at myself and other participants, I have decided to detach myself from the whole MAFS UK experience.

“Thank you to all of my supporters who have followed my journey throughout and who clearly understood the context of my comments. To all the nasty hypocrites, give your heads a wobble.”

He has since been travelling the world and is in a new relationship!


Kwame was already a podcast and Youtube talkshow host before appearing on MAFS UK and has continued to do so since leaving the experiment.

Since the show, Kwame has been documenting his fitness journey and is now in a new relationship. Oh, and let’s never forget that truly questionable song and music video he released.


Jess wasn’t on the series for very long and after it aired, flogged her dress on Facebook marketplace. Jess listed her dress for £2,500 on Facebook “because of the memories it brings up”, following her TV marriage to Pjay which didn’t work out.

Since the show, Jess has got into a new relationship and continued working as a dental hygienist.


It isn’t too clear what Pjay has been up to since the show has his Instagram is now private. Best of luck to him!

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