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MAFS UK’s Matt reveals why he is no longer in contact with Dan after their split

‘In hindsight, the age difference did play a part in the fact that we aren’t together now’

Matt Jameson has revealed why he and Dan Mckee split up after two years following their romance on Married at First Sight UK. Matt and Dan were the first same-sex couple to ever go on MAFS UK and viewers were left devastated when they announced their split late last year.

When they announced their split, they agreed they would be “better of as friends” but Matt has since revealed to The Sun there were “so many factors” that led to their breakup.

“I loved Dan, I really did love him. It’s taken my ages to get over this because I was pretty heartbroken and there were so many factors to the relationship breaking down,” Matt told the publication.

“It’s really hard, especially because I uprooted my life to live in Northern Ireland and put 110 per cent into it. I went on MAFS to meet someone to build a life with and have a family, so to see that wasn’t going to happen was upsetting.

“It’s not that Dan changed his mind, it just became clear it wasn’t going in that direction. We were on different pages and wanted different things.”

One of the biggest struggles in Dan and Matt’s relationship on MAFS UK was their 12-year age gap. Matt was ready to start a family, something he has said Dan maybe wasn’t ready for.

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Matt said: “It was so overwhelming and I remember thinking, ‘Oh god, he’s really young’. I thought the person would be of a similar age to me. Producers were worried because when I turned around my face looked pretty shocked.”

Despite not thinking the age gap was a massive deal, looking back, Matt admits it did play a part as to why they broke up.

Even though their relationship ended, Matt says he has “no regrets” and “loved the experience” from Married at First Sight UK.

“It was important for me that we were normal. We are just normal blokes, it doesn’t need to be all camp or other stereotypes,” Matt said.

“It’s not all drama and handbags at dawn kind of things. We are just guys who want to be in love, have a family and enjoy the normality of all of that.”

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