‘I don’t see it going anywhere’: Molly dishes the dirt on each Love Island 2023 couple

Oh she had a lot to say

Last week saw the biggest twist in Love Island history: Season two bombshell Kady McDermott was brought back, and she had to pick a boy to couple up, which instantly dumped the single girl. It was savage, and Molly Marsh was sent packing. But now, after leaving the Love Island 2023 villa, Molly has had her say on each couple left together on the show.

From which couple she’s “backing all the way”, to who she straight up “doesn’t see going anywhere” – Molly has given a clear verdict on all the couples. Here’s what she had to say.

Whitney and Mehdi

Molly Marsh gives verdict on each Love Island 2023 couple

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Molly said Whitney and Mehdi are “loved up but they don’t show it.” She added: “They’re introverted people in a very strange way as they’re big characters. There’s definitely something there and I love where it’s going and I’m excited to see if it carries on.”

Catherine and Scott

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Molly said Scott and Catherine are “very compatible” and there’s “definitely something there”. However, despite them “going strong right now”, she does “feel like Scott could maybe sway”. I’m not ready!

Jess and Mitch

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Molly was quite straight to the point with Mitch and Jess, declaring there’s nothing there beyond friendship. She said: “Friends. I see a great friendship there. I don’t see any romantic energy and I don’t think either of them really see it. They’re maybe trying to see it. In all, they are friends to me.”

Ella and Tyrique

Molly Marsh gives verdict on each Love Island 2023 couple

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When asked about divisive couple Tyrique and Ella, Molly said they’re a strong couple together, but need to “ease the pressure” and go a bit slower.

“I like where they’re going,” she said. “They are a strong couple. I feel like they just need to see each other in different scenarios. They need to ease the pressure on each other, take it a lot slower and see where it goes naturally without forcing things.”

Leah and Montel

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Molly said Leah and Montel are the couple she is “backing all the way”. She said they “look great together” and have “found something so soon”.

“I can see how happy Leah is, I can see it in her eyes when she talks about Montel,” Molly said. “I think there’s something really special for them two.”

Zach and Kady

Molly Marsh gives verdict on each Love Island 2023 couple

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So, what does Molly think about the Love Island 2023 couple that had her dumped from the villa? Surprisingly, she doesn’t see Kady and Zach lasting.

“I actually don’t see it going anywhere,” Molly said. “I know Kady mentioned these traits in a guy she wanted and Zach does fit those traits. Mature, relaxed and all of that. So we’ll see with that and if there is something there then there is and it’s meant to be but I’m hoping there’s not.”

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