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Here’s the frustrating reason why Lana Del Rey’s Glastonbury set isn’t on iPlayer

I have now indeed got that Summertime Sadness

On Saturday night, Lana Del Rey headlined the Other Stage at Glastonbury. After arriving on stage half an hour late, which she claimed was due to a delay with her hairstyling, Lana Del Rey was forced to finish her set early to meet the curfew of the festival which resulted in her having to miss the final six songs and get escorted off the stage by security. Unlike literally every other act who performed at Glastonbury this year, the Lana Del Rey set has not been uploaded to iPlayer – leading to furious frustration for fans and general confusion over why she’s been snubbed – especially as the press continue to give her set five star reviews and acclaim. So what happened?

Why isn’t Lana’s set on iPlayer?

BBC have released a statement via a spokesperson explaining why Lana Del Rey hasn’t had her Glastonbury set uploaded to iPlayer after the fan backlash continued to build.

One livid fan said “If the BBC don’t upload Lana Del Rey’s full Glastonbury set I’ll be absolutely gobsmacked, it’s been critically acclaimed above almost every other performance despite being cut off early yet so far only two songs are available on iPlayer. Just senseless.”

The BBC spokesperson said “Lana Del Rey’s set was broadcast in full on Saturday night and we are delighted that we can include selected tracks as part of our on-demand offer on BBC iPlayer, as agreed with the artist.” This seems to suggest that there’s a contractual thing between BBC and Lana about whether the full set can even be on iPlayer.

Not everyone is buying it though. Some fans are speculating that the reason Lana isn’t on iPlayer is because she’s on “the naughty step” with BBC after showing up late for the set, and because before Glastonbury there was some drama about her placement on the lineup with Lana not being billed as a headline act.


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