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Phillip Schofield puffing his vape and Kendall in the wind: The best flags at Glastonbury 2023

‘It’s Rachel Adedeji’

The festival-goers at Glastonbury 2023 were on another level with their flag game this year. Of course we had the classics such as the Come Dine With Me whisk man but we also saw some really topical and jokes current memes being waved on a flagpole. For example a fan favourite was Phillip Schofield hitting his Lost Mary vape and then of course absolutely anything slating the government. Here’s a rundown of the best flags at Glastonbury Festival 2023.

1. A timeless classic

2. Come Dine With Me fans will never let me forget this moment


4. Perfection

5. I am in awe of whoever designed this one

6. It’s Rachel Adedeji

7. ‘Boys, I’ve got a reaaaaaally funny flag idea’


9. Every damn year

10. Lol

11. Excellent content

12. Gorgeous

13. Loooool

14. A lot of Barbie flags this year

15. Is that Hasbulla?

16. Oh dear

17. Actions have consequences! See above

18. Royalists are worse than the Come Dine With Me fans

19. The vape is jokes

Glastonbury Flags 2023 phillip schofield

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20. Is that Mr Worldwide at Glasto?? I’m shook

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