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TikTokers are pouring beer over themselves to get a better tan and it’s the dumbest trend ever

The only thing you’ll be attracting this hot girl summer is wasps!

Beer tan is on the rise and it’s actually as simple as it sounds. People on TikTok are using beer as a tanning lotion and drowning themselves in it before heading out to sunbathe. Yes, it’s the dumbest trend I’ve ever heard of too.

Several TikTokers are sharing videos with their methods which involves showering yourself in beer before sunbathing or going swimming.

One person even says it’s the “best tan ever” and others are recommending the method as a way to save money and tan faster.

What is the science behind beer tan and should I do it?

Obviously experts are jumping all over this, dragging anyone who takes part.

Beer tan is going on the rise but fortunately Jason Goldberg, director at is here to set the record straight. Jason says: “There is science behind why beer can help us to achieve a perfect tan, with the hops in beer activating melanin – the substance in our bodies which is responsible for making our skin darker. However, if you were to replace using sunscreen for a can of holiday beer, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to the sun’s exposure with no protection.”

Using beer to help yourself tan can increase your risk of sunburn, heatstroke and sun poisoning. So respectfully, stop doing it.

The NHS website also says sunburn increases your risk of skin cancer so just consider the dangers before you go sinking yourself in Budweiser ahead of your hot girl summer.

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