There was a phantom hand on Scott’s shoulder on Love Island last night and I’m so confused

Is this the worst editing error ever, or is Thing from The Addams Family the latest bombshell?

I’m not entirely sure where to start here, but in last night’s episode of Love Island a hand appeared behind Scott, and rested on his shoulder. That might sound quite cute, and like he had a moment with an Islander, but no – there was nobody there. Just a hand.

Look, by now we all know Love Island is edited badly. Just this season there have been dodgy glitches, like water bottles appearing after Islanders move them, shoes magically going from off to on in scenes, and wine glasses moving without people touching them.

But, I genuinely don’t understand how this one could have happened. In the scene, it’s just Molly and Scott having a chat on the day bed and there’s a hand behind him. HOW?! ITV can’t have even edited an Islander out the scene, which I don’t see why it would anyway, because behind Scott is just the end of the bed.

Random hand behind Scott on Love Island 2023

via ITV

It was a blink and you’ll miss it sort of moment, Scott and Molly popped up in a cutaway scene about halfway through last night’s Love Island, with the hand just *there*.

I really have no words. Posting about the error in a Facebook group, someone pointed out they think the hand belongs to Zach, due to the tattoos on the hand in question. However, the last time we saw Zach he was around the firepit, chatting with Sammy and Tyrique. He wasn’t even in this conversation!

via ITV

ITV – have you just soft launched Thing from The Addams family as the new bombshell? I need answers, I’m losing my mind!

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