Meet Montel: Love Island 2023’s new semi-pro footballer who says he’s similar to Tyrique

‘Watch your girls because the guy who gets all the girls is coming into the villa’

It is seriously heating up on Love Island 2023 right now, and the latest twist has ended in two bombshells hitting the villa – Montel and Mel.

Montel is yet another semi-pro footballer, so we basically have a small team forming in Majorca, and has said he’s got his eyes on a few of the girls already.

Here’s everything you need to know about new Love Island 2023 bombshell, Montel McKenzie.

Montel from the cast of Love Island 2023

via ITV

New Love Island bombshell Montel is 25 and from London

Love Island 2023 bombshell Montel is 25, and from east London. He works as an account manager and semi-professional footballer. Montel plays for Hemel Hempstead Town FC, and has been there for five months.

When asked why Love Island, Montel said: “I just haven’t found someone I want to date, I’m always so busy with work and football!”

He says he’s similar to Tyrique, and will be ‘cool and calm’ in the Love Island villa

Montel from the cast of Love Island 2023

via Instagram @montelmckenzie

When asked what kind of bombshell he’s going to be, Montel said he’s “cool and calm” but generally used to girls approaching him, over himself doing the hard graft. Sure!

He said: “I am used to people coming up to me – I’m lucky I guess! I don’t usually approach girls and win them over. I will definitely get on with the guys in there but, at the same time, I need to talk to everyone. I’ll just be the guy that I am – cool and calm.”

Montel also had a lot to say about the boys in the villa – calling out Mitchel, and saying he’s quite similar to Tyrique. “Mitch has got it completely wrong,” he said. “It’s his sneakiness for me – he makes little comments about people and that’s not how I would go about things.

“Me and Tyrique are from similar places, so I think we might behave similarly. I like his attitude and I would probably say the same things as him in certain situations.”

He added his family has told him to “definitely not” have sex on TV, and he told them he’ll “try his best.” When asked if he thinks the Islanders should know anything about him, he quite defiantly said: “Watch your girls because the guy that gets all of the girls is coming into the Love Island villa.”

Montel has his eyes on a few of the Islanders already

via Instagram @montelmckenzie

As classic as ever, Montel already has a “top three” in his head, before he’s even step foot in the villa. “My top three right now would be Catherine, Leah and Ella,” he said. “Ella for me is generally my type, Catherine carries herself well and seems like a classy girl. Leah seems very chilled and that’s the kind of person I am.”

He said he doesn’t care at all that some of the girls he’s interested in are already coupled up. “I’m not really worried about that if I really want the girl,” he said. “I’m not going to cause a problem over someone I am not interested in. I’ll definitely speak to Ella despite her being coupled up with Tyrique.”

He went to uni in America

Montel from the cast of Love Island 2023

via Instagram @montelmckenzie

Montel attended Tennessee Wesleyan University, in Tennessee. In 2020, he posted a picture on Instagram from his graduation captioned: “In a year of chaos, I can only be thankful 🎓”.

According to his LinkedIn, Montel studied between 2016 and 2020, and received a BBA degree in accounting.

Ahead of Love Island 2023, Montel has 4.5k followers on Instagram

When he was announced for the cast of Love Island 2023, Montel had 4.5k Instagram followers. He’s shared loads of photos of him playing football, on nights out with friends and family, and on holiday. His handle is @montelmckenzie.

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