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Cameron says Lyndall wasn’t the ‘right person’ for him on Married at First Sight Australia

He’s now in a new relationship while doing remote work

Married at First Sight Australia Cameron Woods has revealed he was ready to commit on the series but he just wasn’t matched with the right person.

Cameron was coupled with Lyndall during the MAFS Australia experiment and after weeks of ups and downs, Lyndall eventually decided to call it a day on their relationship at the final vows.

During an Instagram Q&A, Cameron was asked by a follower why he went on MAFS Australia if he felt he wasn’t ready to commit, but he was quick to shut that assumption down.

via Nine Network Australia

“I was ready to commit. 100 per cent. But Lyndall wasn’t the right person for me, so why would I commit to someone who wasn’t the right person?” he explained.

“Doing remote work? I’m doing it now and I’m in a relationship. Yes it has its times where it’s hard but it’s working out.”

Lyndall ended her and Cameron’s relationship during their final vows, which ended him Cameron walking away and not saying what he had planned. He did however reveal what his vows actually said during an appearance on a radio show.

“Never did I ever think in my wildest dreams to marry a stranger in my quest to find love,” he began.

“From the moment I laid eyes on your there was an instant connection. You had the warmest of smiles on your face walking down the aisle and I quickly learnt that you love life just as much as I do. I felt that instant spark from day one and I was very intrigued to find out more. Did the experts get it right?”

He went on to say the more he learned about Lyndall during the experiment, the more he grew to respect her. “You’re kind, empathetic and have a very genuine heart. You always bring a positive vibe to every room. I really like that you give anything a go,” he said.

He ended his vows by saying: “Lyndall I truly appreciate what you’ve taught me about myself, and what I’ve learnt throughout this experiment. Now I know what I want in a life partner.”

Cameron is now in a relationship with someone from Darwin and Lyndall is back on dating apps! So it seems they have both moved on with their lives since the experiment.

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