Doctor Slone Fortnite alive

Doctor Slone is still alive in Fortnite, so here are all the theories on how she managed it

‘You know it takes a little bit more than them dropping a tank on me to take me out’

In the big cinematic trailer for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, amongst all the jungle biome action and an emerging Optimus Prime, came the final reveal – Doctor Slone is still alive. Doctor Slone had previously been the leading antagonist in the Fortnite background storyline for years, since she debuted in Chapter 2 Season 7 as someone we initially believed to be on our side only to willingly try and have us destroyed in order to take down the alien invasion courtesy of the Last Reality. Everyone thought Doctor Slone wasn’t gone for good – and now it’s been confirmed that she’s still alive for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. But how? Here are all the theories people have about Slone surviving.

How did she supposedly die?

During the big war between the Seven and the IO in Chapter 3 Season 2, in the finale live event, Doctor Slone was crushed by the arm of a mech in one of the final parts of the battle. Somehow, she’s survived, presumably in the tank she closed the hatch on.

Theories on how she survived the tank fall

There are theories being discussed between Fortnite fans about how Doctor Slone survived such an incident. Some believe it’s not actually the same Doctor Slone as the one we saw come to a sticky end all those seasons ago – like the one that’s now on the island is a Slone from an alternate timezone or something. With all the Jonesys we’ve got in game, it’s not the most ridiculous theory.

Most people thought Slone would live because she’s such an integral character to the storyline. Slone’s tank likely got damaged by the mech’s fist but not to the point where it killed her. Behind the reveal of Doctor Slone in the new Fortnite cinematic, you can catch a glimpse of what looks like her overgrown tank – adding fuel to the theory that she stayed alive in there.

The theories on what Slone is up to next mostly suggest that she’s going to be communicating with players again like she did back in her original season. It remains unclear if she’s now on our side or still an antagonist.

If you approach the Slone NPC on the map, she says “I think you know it takes a little bit more than them dropping a tank on me to take me out”. Which literally isn’t even what happened, but I respect the commitment to a sassy line.

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