Fortnite Spider-Verse update

The day’s come for the Fortnite Spider-Verse update – here’s what’s brand new in game

The sweet, sweet return of the webslingers

Just in time for the upcoming release of the new movie, Fortnite is adding an update activating the Spider-Verse update to the game just a few weeks before this season wraps up. Today, the big update will go live and we’ll get access to a variety of Spider-Verse themed cosmetics in Fortnite – here’s exactly what we’ll see in game today.

Early item shop reset

The above video shows what the item shop is going to look like in game when the early shop reset happens, which usually occurs at around 2pm UK time. The same time we get our new dailys and weeklys, we’ll get accrss to the skins. Both Miles Morales and Miguel O’Hara will be available, in the usual bundle form or individually. Brace yourselves to see these in every lobby you join going forward.

Webslingers mythic returns

All those who remember the thrill of booting up Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 and being greeted with the sheer joy, thrill and ease of zipping around the map with the Spider-Man webslingers will be thrilled to hear they’re back with a gorgeous new Across the Spider-Verse skin to complete the update. I actually can’t wait to log back in and get to grips with them again.

Web battles

There was also Web Battles leading up to today, where players could log in and vote for teams to try and win a free cosmetic. These have all finished now, but they were barely worth it anyway. So not to worry.

Leaked trailer

When the hotfix update lands, this is what we’ll be able to see in game. It looks like a blast to be honest, and the film is gonna slap just as hard.


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