The Sims 4 horses expansion

Um, neighthing to worry about, but a Sims 4 horses expansion pack has allegedly leaked

Giddy up, Bella Goth!

Well, it’s happening. Well, it’s HIGHLY LIKELY to be happening. The first official leaks of the next The Sims 4 expansion pack are trotting around the internet – and if these leaks are correct then all the little teasers EA has been drip feeding through their content releases are correct and we are getting Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion – the horses content we’ve all been suspicious has been on the horizon for months. Here’s everything we know about the Sims 4 horses expansion pack as the details and the rumours continue to leak.

How did the info allegedly leak?

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion pack leak started circulating after a reseller called Instant Gaming accidentally showed it on their website. These resellers sell on codes for cheaper than you can buy them on the Origin store. It doesn’t have any pictures from the expansion pack yet and the leaked image is actually using Sims 3 horse assets, but it’s highly likely to be a placeholder image the shop would use before they get official key art from EA.

When’s it meant to be out?

The leaks are saying the expansion pack will be out in 2023 so it’s due any time before the end of the year. If leaks are starting, I’d say soon.

The rumours hinted this was coming

For the last few packs trailers, The Sims 4 fans were convinced horses were coming to the game due to a lot of hints in the visuals. The pictures below all teases horses in the Growing Together teasers.

A horse on a jigsaw…

Horsey teases on clothing. Sims 3 had horses in an expansion pack. They also had unicorns – could they be coming in too?

What kind of world will it have?

Because this is more than just a game pack it’s likely that we’ll get a full world with The Sims 4 horses expansion. We got some teased build and buy visuals earlier this year that haven’t yet released, and they do have a theming and style that would match a ranch themed / horsey / barn expansion.

Stay tuned for more leaks, info and announcements as we get them!

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