queens who quit Drag Race

A rundown of all the queens who quit Drag Race in the middle of filming

Heidi N Closet is the latest to walk prematurely out of the Werk Room

It’s no secret that going on to RuPaul’s Drag Race is one of the most difficult things a queen can do – they don’t call it the olympics of drag for nothing. Because of how much pressure gets laid on in the Werk Room and how intense the process is, it has all got a bit too much for queens at times who, for one reason or another, have exited the competition on their own accord to put themselves first. Here’s a quick rundown of all the queens who took matters into their own hands and quit Drag Race in the middle of filming, before RuPaul uttered “sashay away.”

Adore Delano, All Stars 2

Adore Delano walked into All Stars 2 with every fan rooting for her – she’s one of the most beloved fan favourite queens of all time ever since she partied her way through season six. But after a particularly mean spirited, scathing critique from Michelle Visage on episode one, Adore was well and truly in her head and did not want to be there anymore. RuPaul and Michelle tried to convince her to stay, but her mind was made up. We need her to have another run on All Stars ASAP.

BenDeLaCreme, All Stars 3

What is it with the All Stars seasons that makes queens get the hell out of there? BenDeLaCreme was on her way to winning season three of All Stars with her record breaking amount of wins, but self eliminated herself with the most famous lipstick reveal moment in Drag Race herstory.

Ginny Lemon, Drag Race UK season two

Refusing to lip sync, Ginny Lemon just straight up walked off the stage as soon as the music booted in. And that was that! Sister Sister finished the performance solo and Ginny never got the chance to come back and compete again – although it was pretty clear that didn’t bother her in the slightest.

Inti, Drag Race España season one

queens who quit Drag Race

After getting increasingly frustrated and unhappy with the critiques she was receiving from the judging panel, Inti left the inaugural season of Drag Race España after three episodes worth of negative critiques. Even Supremme couldn’t convince her to stay.

Baby, Drag Race UK season four

queens who quit Drag Race

Another of the queens who quit Drag Race mid filming was our Baby, a Drag Race UK icon who performed like nobody’s business and it was such a shame to see her go. Baby also left the competition to look after her mental health.

Icesis Couture, Canada’s Drag Race VS the World

It was heartbreaking to see Icesis Couture quit the competition to look after her mental health during Canada’s Drag Race Vs the World – but understandable since she went right back to film almost immediately after winning Canada’s Drag Race season two. I really wanted her to win this season, this one hurt.

Heidi N Closet, All Stars 8

queens who quit Drag Race

The most recent of the queens to sadly leave the show was another All Stars season, as Heidi N Closet quit the Drag Race season mid filming after an explosive Werk Room argument. Heidi had been frustrated she hadn’t won a main challenge so far and then after a big fight, she exited the show.

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