All the Drag Race All Stars 8 promo looks, ranked by how hard they slay

Jimbo’s is literally giving Met Gala

All Stars 8 is so close I can taste it, and with the amazing queen announcement came one of the greatest promo shoots we’ve seen in the history of the Drag Race franchise – the looks are absolutely looking! With a paparazzi red carpet theme, the queens look like absolute stars and they all understood the assignment. But who slayed hardest, I hear you cry? Here are all the Drag Race All Stars 8 promo looks ranked by how hard they slay!

12. Monica Beverly Hillz

So great to see Monica back, and she looks stunning. Love the campiness of the disco ball titties but this one just doesn’t gag me as hard as the ones above it, alas. It’s living in an middle ground between camp and glam and never fully managing to be either.

11. Mrs Kasha Davis

All Stars 8 promo

The notorious MKD could wear a binbag and I’d be screaming, crying, throwing up I stan her that hard, but we do need the half dress half bodysuit ensembles to go into the abyss. The Daphne colour scheme is iconic.

10. Jessica Wild

All Stars 8 promo

I lub this look! I don’t actually, I’m in the middle on this look – but “I lub this drink” is so iconic I must reference it at all times whenever possible. What I love about Jessica Wild is how sickening she does old school drag, like this could be an early season RuPaul look. Can’t wait to see what she brings.

9. Naysha Lopez

Naysha Lopez has actually never looked better – this hair? It’s giving just dropped the best Latin album of the year. Dress not my favourite design wise but very glam and she looks unreal in it.

8. Jaymes Mansfield

All Stars 8 promo

The tulle! The drama! The camp! All this glow up and she’s still committed to a biscuit shoe. Have to respect it.

7. Kahanna Montrese

Letting Kahanna off for not really looking very red carpet and giving more showgirl due to how excellent and sexy she looks. Jorgeous teas!

6. Heidi N Closet

Inspector Gadget if he slayed beyond belief. The drama of this pose is absolute cinema.

5. Kandy Muse

All Stars 8 promo

If there’s one thing Kandy Muse is going to gobble, it’s her promo look. Between this and season 13, it’s two for two. This is excellence.

4. LaLa Ri

All Stars 8 promo

LaLa Ri stormed into the All Stars 8 promo shoot and told everyone that Golden Boot she won for the bag look is well and truly in the trash. EXCUSE ME? The opulence of the orange! This is meticulously designed, beautifully made – 10s. 1os!

3. Darienne Lake

All Stars 8 promo

Darienne Lake has had the biggest between seasons transformation of any queen here, and what better way to show off your body journey with this dress that fits her so wonderfully it literally looks painted on. She’s mothering so hard I could cry. I’m so happy for her!

2. Alexis Michelle

Alexis’ promo look for season nine never hit hard, but she came back for All Stars 8 with a promo look that had jaws on the ground. The top two was a baby pink off, and Alexis is a worthy runner up in this satin look which makes her literally look like a girly angel sent from the drag heavens. So fierce.

1. Jimbo

All Stars 8 promo

I don’t even know where to begin! Not just the best of all the looks here, potentially one of the best looks from any Drag Race queen ever. I’m not being hyperbolic, this is just perfect. It looks like it’s worth more than my entire life is. The fur looks more expensive than my parents house. It’s camp but it’s high fashion. It’s a shoot.

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