‘Truly one of a kind’: The cast of Bling Empire pay tribute to Anna Shay following her death

‘Continue to slay in the heavens’ 

Yesterday it was announced that Bling Empire legend Anna Shay had tragically passed away, aged 62. She was the queen of the show, and now fellow Bling Empire cast members are paying tribute to the iconic woman Anna Shay was.

Anna’s family confirmed on Monday (June 5th) she passed away, with PEOPLE Magazine reporting her death was “unexpected” and result of a stroke.

Since the awful news, Bling Empire cast members have been posting tributes to Anna, reflecting on their time together and sharing wonderful memories with her.

‘I wish I had one last adventure with you’

Kevin Kreider shared some pictures and videos of himself and Anna together on his Instagram, including some memorable moments from the show. “You never know when your last goodbye will be,” he said. “So unexpected and wished when I saw you last for lunch I would have taken a moment to smell the roses and had one last adventure with you.”

‘Anna Shay we love you Queen’

Kim Lee, who was close friends with Anna on the show and shared many iconic moments with Anna, said: “I can’t believe I’m writing this right now. Anna, we’re going to miss you. I’m glad we got to cross paths. I cried and laughed with you and shared so much memories with you on screen. I loved your realness and humour and one thing you taught all of us is not to take life too serious. Anna Shay we love you Queen!! You will forever be missed.”

‘Our many memories together will stay forever in my heart’

Bling Empire cast pay tribute to Anna Shay

via Instagram @jaimexie

Jaime and Anna became extremely close in the show recently, despite Anna being one of the eldest cast members and Jaime being the youngest. Posting a bunch of pictures on her Instagram story, Jaime said: “You will be so dearly missed rest in peace Anna. Our many memories together will stay forever in my heart.”

‘You were truly one of a kind’

Bling Empire cast pay tribute to Anna Shay

via Instagram @kellymili

Kelly Mi Li also shared loads of photos of herself and Anna together. “RIP @annashay93 💔💔💔,” she said. “You were truly one of a kind and we will miss you forever.”

‘Continue to slay in the heavens’

via Instagram @kanelk_k

Kane shared a long tribute on Instagram to his fellow Bling Empire cast member, Anna Shay. He posted many pictures of them together, and said Anna “will be missed”. He reflected on their friendship off-camera that not everyone got to see, and all the things he enjoyed doing with her.

He said: “You had a nonchalance about you that was mesmerising and captivated audience around the world. I was lucky to get to know the real you and not many knew about our friendship off camera. We had a real friendship and though the show made things or even portrayed us a little crazy at times you knew who I really was as a person and had my back in the end.

“We spent most of the pandemic together, slaying it on Rodeo Drive, grocery shopping, making Japanese plum wine and doing silly things. Thank you for your company. I will always remember you for your tenacity for life and resilience and whether the camera is on or off you, you slayyyy. Continue to slay in the heavens. Love Kane.”

‘My condolences to your family’

Bling Empire cast pay tribute to Anna Shay

via Instagram @christinechiu

Anna and Christine Chiu had a turbulent relationship on the show, but obviously recently they had put their differences aside. Christine shared a sunset picture to her Instagram story, saying Anna had been there with her when the photo was taken, and sent her condolences to Anna’s family.

‘Our hearts still ache in sadness’

Sharing a picture of the show’s cast, notably with a halo over Anna, Mimi Morris said the Bling Empire “family lost such an amazing friend”.

“Our hearts still ache in sadness,” she said. “Anna you will missed dearly, may you rest in heaven.”

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