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Here comes André: The youngest and most ‘charming’ guy entering the Love Island 2023 villa

He’s ‘done with situationships’

Yes, we know, we’ve been saying we aren’t prepared for the next season of Love Island to happen already but now it’s here and the cast are out and, tbh, we’re already invested. Among the new Love Island contestants is André Furtado, who is a business owner already despite being the youngest guy to enter the villa – fresh out of Birmingham City Uni at 21-years-old.

André has already admitted he falls in love easily and loves girls with “ambition”. So, here’s everything else you need to know about the most “charming” and accomplished guy entering the Love Island 2023 villa:

André is 21-years-old and runs his own business from Dudley – near Birmingham

André is from Dudley in the West Midlands and went to uni at Birmingham City, where he studied Business Economics. He’s already started his own business, despite just graduating – a clothing brand called Social Kids.

Clearly a hard worker, André also speaks multiple languages. “I speak Portuguese, Creole my home language from Cape Verde, English of course and Spanish as well,” he says. “My friends and family would say I’m very gentle, very respectful, good manners, confident and I’m someone that knows how to read the room. Some friends call me sexy!”

He falls in love seriously easily and has a crush on Beyoncé

It’s looking likely that André will settle down in the villa despite having “commitment issues” because he’s also admitted he’s prone to falling in love easily. “When I look at beautiful ladies, before I’ve said hello to them I’ve already fallen in love,” he says. “I’m already planning the wedding.”

Unlike a lot of other guys, André also specifies he’s “done” with situationships. “There are so many things aligning for me, a good woman to add to that will be the icing on the cake,” he says.

When asked what his type is, André says: “Ambition, good manners and a pretty face that I can’t stop looking at top the list,” adding that he hates anyone “unnecessarily disrespectful, especially to parents, family members or waiters.” Fair enough!

He’s got a really cool vibe on Instagram but is secretly kind of cringe

As you might expect from someone who owns a clothing line, André is seriously well dressed and gives off a cool vibe on his Instagram (@dre.furtado). But, actually, he’s pretty romantic and is already into the cringe Love Island style of dating. “I would love to go strawberry picking,” he says of his dream day out with a girl. “I’d want to have a field spelt out in her name, then I’d have to ask her to be my girlfriend.”

Is this man thinking about the final already?

He used to be really shy and ran away from a date with a girl

Despite now describing himself as “charming” and “good looking”, André wasn’t always so confident. Describing his worst ever date, he reveals: “I was in college and I was quite shy back then. There was a girl that was always hitting on me. She invited me to the cinema. I was there waiting for her and she turned up with all of her female and male friends, so I got frightened and I ran away! For two years of college they clowned me for it. My fight or flight instinct carried me away.”

Fingers crossed he doesn’t flee the villa x

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