What the Love Island 2023 cast actually look like, Instagram

The photographer did them dirty, so here’s what the Love Island 2023 cast actually look like

Despite what the promo pics want us to believe, their vibes are immaculate

When the cast of Love Island gets announced, you realistically have no idea what the new Islanders actually look like – and 2023 is no exception. That’s because whoever the photographer Love Island gets in is, they do the contestants majorly dirty.

Every year we have Islanders who are great fun, but the promo pics serve: Nothing. The weird poses are off-putting, and I’m pretty sure no Islander ever has seen their pictures and thought ‘yep, that’s the ticket’.

So, by going through their Instagrams and getting a real look at their vibes, here’s what the cast of summer Love Island 2023 actually look like. You’re welcome!


24-year-old beautician Ruchee was the first Islander we were introduced to this year. Her promo pic for Love Island didn’t give much away, but her Insta is a whole other story. It’s all fun selfies, film camera shots and nights out. I want to be her friend?!


There’s always a semi-pro footballer in the mix – and this year it’s Tyrique. His promo picture gave zero personality, but his own pictures show he’s a big fan of a selfie, and looks a lot of fun.


One day, the Love Island photographer will pay for their crimes. 22-year-old estate agent Catherine looks so different in her own, natural every day photos.


Sorry, but who is this man? I’ve looked through the cast promo pictures multiple times and cannot match this to whoever the photographer was taking pics of. It’s 24-year-old George from Bedford, but definitely doesn’t look like the same guy in the cast announcement.


via Instagram @mollygracemarsh

21-year-old Molly actually came out alright in her promo pictures, so she won’t be livid when she sees them. However, her Instagram gives much more of a look into her semi-influencer and TikToker lifestyle, including going to events and hanging out with other Islanders and online names.


I would stand up in COURT against the Love Island photographer if I were Mehdi. Justice was NOT served with how fine this man is. Get this man in that villa and on my screen in his TRUE beauty – immediately!


Ella is literally an award-winning model. Where were her vibes in the promo picture? She looks incredible in real life, and every other photo taken of her is a straight 10/10.


Mitchel is 26, and from Sheffield. The vibes I’m getting from this guy is that he’s going to be the new Luca Bish. That’s all I have to say.


via Instagram @jesshardingox

Ok, 22-year-old Jess doesn’t actually look that different in her promo picture to in real life. She has highlights for her travel on her Instagram page, including recent trips to Dubai and Ibiza. All her pictures are bikini snaps on holiday and selfies – she was born for this.


Finally is André, who again in real life looks nothing like anyone who was in the big cast reveal. His poses with the photographer were pretty strange, but obviously he doesn’t walk around the streets like that.

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