Taylor Swift mathematical ranking TikTok

Here’s the Taylor Swift mathematical album ranking all over your TikTok fully explained

For those who also barely passed GCSE maths

I know this may be just because I’m a ridiculously over-enthusiastic Swiftie and the algorithm has me clocked to a tee, but my TikTok For You Page at the moment is filled with Taylor Swift fans working out their mathematical ranking for her albums. What’s mathematical about it you ask? I’ll tell you – but what you should know is this viral method of ranking Taylor Swift albums uses mathematical means to give you its verdict and not many fans get the outcome they’re expecting. Here’s the full Taylor Swift mathematical ranking from TikTok explained.

Get your calculator out, girlies

So. You think you know your Taylor Swift ranking? Prepare to think again. To work out your mathematical album ranking, you need to rate each song from all 10 of her albums with a score out of 10. It’s up to you whether you use deluxe editions or not for it – I personally did, but chose to omit any songs like ‘Piano Version’ or anything like that. Once you’ve rated each song out of 10, add them all together and divide by the number of tracks on the album. This number you get is your score for the ranking, take it to two decimal places for ease later.

Once you’ve got all your scores, use a Taylor Swift album bracket filter on TikTok to slot your mathematical ranking into the new outcome you’ve got. As you can see from mine, there were shocks a plenty for me and I was too stunned to speak on the train. Midnights fourth? How did you manage THAT!

If you get a result you expect I’ll be gobsmacked. Happy mathing, Swifties.


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