The first rumoured Love Island 2023 contestant is here and he’s a really fit economics grad

I’m in love x

The first Love Island summer 2023 contestant has reportedly been revealed as Birmingham City University economics graduate Andre Furtado.

The 21-year-old is also a clothing brand entrepreneur and he is set to impress the ladies.

Andre co-created a clothing line called Social Kids which is a brand with over 17,000 followers on Instagram.

A source claimed Andre is the “perfect Love Island signing” because he’s “cool, calm, collected and ready to mingle.” Sounds like every single Love Island contestant ever, but sure.

So far Andre only has 1,735 followers on Instagram. Andre is already connecting with his followers though. He replied to a fan asking who his clothing inspirations are and he said: “A lot of people to be honest, from all of the guys at SK to my boy from work. Wide variety, I’m trying to diversify my style more though.”

As well as his clothing brand, the entrepreneur also appears to be in the process of setting up marketing agency Digital Voice, with a newly created business profile in his Instagram bio.

Love Island is hitting our screens next month so let’s all manifest we see Andre on it because he is unbelievably stunning.

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