All the conspiracy theories and rumoured feuds between royals from the Coronation

You lot who think Meghan wore prosthetics and a disguise are a new level of thick

Despite everyone not seeing eye to eye on the King’s Coronation, we all love to stick our two pence in when there’s a crumb of gossip or drama. So here’s a rundown of the biggest conspiracy theories and rumoured feuds between the royals from the King’s Coronation ceremony this weekend. Starting with The Princess Royal conveniently having a very large feather.

Feather gate

In case you missed it, Princess Anne’s massive feather on her hay blocked Harry’s face from being viewed in a lot of the Coronation broadcast.

The Princess Royal performed a very important role at the ceremony. She acted as the King’s personal protection officer so she wore a military costume, the Uniform of the Blues and Royals, complete with a garter sash, star and full sized medals. But one part of the uniform got everyone talking more than other aspects and it was the huge hat and red feather.

Using the hashtag “feather gate” some Twitter users speculated the feather was used to block Prince Harry who was conveniently sitting behind Princess Anne.

A rumoured feud between the Princess of Wales and Queen Camilla

Princess Kate’s jewellery paid tribute to Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth. She was spotted wearing the late monarch’s George VI Festoon Necklace with the South Sea Pearl Earrings, which belonged to her late mother-in-law.  The Festoon Necklace features three strands of diamonds and was created in 1950 at the commission of King George VI for the late Queen Elizabeth.

Recently, unknown sources have made shocking claims suggesting Kate and Camilla don’t see eye to eye. Reports claim Camilla and Kate have been feuding for the last two decades. When Princess Kate first entered the royal family, Camilla was still trying to improve her public image after the scandal with Diana.

People think Meghan was there but in a disguise

Anyone with a crumb of intelligence will realise Meghan Markle was in California looking after her two children. But a very particular group on Twitter claimed Meghan was in fact in Westminster Abbey on Saturday disguised as Sir Karl Jenkins.

via BBC

How thick actually are you?

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