God save these 21 gracious Coronation memes

I enjoyed the one in The Princess Diaries more tbh x

This weekend saw the Coronation of King Charles – it rained, Jenny from Gogglebox probably cried, and for some reason Katy Perry was there. Totally normal behaviour from the UK, as per. Only a fifth of uni students say they watched it – it is diss season after all – but what the Coronation has given us is an extra bank holiday to spend vaping in beer gardens, the saying “Corrie naysh” which quite frankly has nothing on Platty Joobs, and these 21 memes.

So grab your crowns and strap yourselves in for all these Coronation memes:

1. At long last

2. I am going to throw up

3. No one show my housemates this

4. I have so many questions

5. The University of York is crying rn

6. No comment

7. My queen

8. It’s the little things xx

9. Please sir can I have some more

10. What a week

11. Awks

12. Not Pizza Express

13. Brb getting my cycling shorts on

14. Every day Percy Pig merch gets more unhinged

15. A glass of vino xx

16. An iconic fit it has to be said

17. Why’s Paddington getting involved then

18. End of

19. Fair tbh

20. Give me strength

21. I can’t wait x

Featured image background via BBC, overlay via Twitter 

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