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A deep dive into all the evidence suggesting MAFS Australia’s Evelyn and Duncan are dating

His Instagram photos have been so Evelyn coded lately

If you’re fully immersed in the world of Married at First Sight Australia, you will have definitely heard whispers about a budding romance between co-stars Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James. There have been sightings of the pair looking smitten with one another and even some photos suggesting they’ve been spending a lot of time together.

While they haven’t publicly addressed if they are together, there is a whole lot of evidence pointing towards them dating. Viewers seem to be onboard with the idea of them getting together as Duncan has become the UK’s latest heartthrob and Evelyn has become the friend we all wish we had.

So, here is all the evidence suggesting MAFS Australia stars Duncan and Evelyn are dating.

They were recorded dancing together very closely at a nightclub

MAFS Australia Evelyn and Duncan

via Nine Network Australia

The rumours all began when a video of them dancing at a nightclub went viral. Sure, dancing at a nightclub is normal but this kind of dancing hinted they were there as more than just friends.

At a nightclub in Sydney, Duncan ripped off his shirt and began lifting Evelyn in the air and she wrapped her legs around him as they danced all night.

Everyone seems to be onboard with this possible pairing and have been gushing over them ever since. “I am not in the slightest bit upset about this pairing,” one MAFS Australia viewer wrote on Instagram.

They have been spotted on a number of dates together

It has been widely reported that Duncan and Evelyn are now “seeing each other” after they were spotted by the public on a number of dates.

An insider told Yahoo Australia: “They’re not boyfriend or girlfriend or anything like that, but they’re going on dates and telling friends they’re seeing each other.

“Neither of them wants to rush anything so they’re taking things slow for now, but they’re both Into each other.”

Evelyn’s dogs were in a photo of Duncan

In an Instagram dump of photos, Duncan can be seen petting a dog who looks a lot like Evelyn’s. “Forced to take these,” he wrote in the caption.

This could be a reach but it seems too much of a coincidence for it not to be.

In a TikTok, Duncan was wearing what appeared to be Evelyn’s bag


We love each other i promise 😅💗 #love #mafsau

♬ original sound – Evelyn.Ellis

In a TikTok posted by Evelyn, she did the “pass the phone” trend with some of her co-stars. Those in the video included Ollie, Josh, Rupert, Hugo and Duncan.

When Rupert passes the phone to Duncan he has a gold strap across his chest, which some TikTok users reckon is from Evelyn’s bag. Evelyn appears next to Duncan for a second before she ducks away.

Evelyn and Duncan were recently at an event together

Most recently, Evelyn and Duncan attended an event together. The pair arrived at the Hyper Karting’s VIP event last week and they were joined by their MAFS Australia co-stars Harrison Boon and Josh White.

Apparently they asked for Rupert’s blessing to start dating

via Nine Network Australia

When the rumours continued to spiral, a number of MAFS Australia cast members apparently told So Dramatic Evelyn and Duncan were an item and asked Rupert if it was okay to get to know each other. This is sounding very Love Island to me.

“Rupert has confirmed to a number of cast members that Evelyn and Duncan are now dating,” a source claimed to So Dramatic.

“He said they both contacted him separately and asked him if they could have his blessing to progress to a romantic relationship.”

According to the source, Evelyn and Duncan are trying to keep their romance private and originally didn’t want anyone to find out about it.

“They are trying to keep it on the down-low but all the cast knows now and everyone has confronted them about it,” the source claimed.

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