This AI phone scam made this influencer believe her younger brother died in a car crash

The scammer used AI to mimic her brother’s voice

A content creator went viral on TikTok after sharing a horrifying ordeal in which a scammer uses AI to mimic her brother’s voice. TikToker Brooke Bush told her followers about the scammer who used AI tech to trick her grandad into believing his grandson, her brother, was dead.

In the viral TikTok, Brooke explains how her grandfather received a phone call from someone using AI to mimic her brother’s voice. She said: “I’ve been crying for the past two hours because I thought my little brother was dead. Somebody out there used an AI machine to trick my grandpa into thinking my little brother got in a wreck and died.”


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Brooke said the AI voice claimed her younger brother was about to get into a car wreck before the line went dead. She then got a call from her grandfather who told her and she attempted to track her brother’s location. It was later revealed the scammer was attempting to get money. She warned her viewers: “If you guys ever get called, and someone asks for money that you know, they’re using a friggin’ AI machine to reenact their voice.”

The comment section was full of people sharing how this type of scam is becoming more and more common. One person said: “This has been happening with celebrities for years.” Another person said this happened to their granddad as well, they commented: “This happened to my grandpa, someone called him and said I died in a car accident.”

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