bereal three posts

Err, if I now post my boring BeReal on time then I apparently get another two posts

⚠️It’s time to BeRealer⚠️

BeReal was the app of 2022, everyone was using it and was on it when it came to posting on time. Now there’s an incentive for those of us who post on time but don’t necessarily get caught posting in social situations.

At a totally random time, an alert prompts you to post photos of whatever you are doing and to drop everything else. But with user numbers being down recently, the app developers are making you want to be more real. Be the realest. Be more realer.

For what feels like the first time ever, UK users will be the first ones able to test the new feature and other countries are set to follow.

Now if you post on time then you will get a “bonus BeReal” which is essentially the chance to share two extra photos to be uploaded on the same day at whatever time you like.

BeReal was a big success when it was first launched by French entrepreneur, Alexis Barreyat. Before we knew it users were loving it and were hot on being real but over time we grew bored and stopped posting when we were doing nothing.

Maybe posting on time when we’re doing nothing will be worth it now if we get an extra two goes?

It’s like a reward x

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