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Omg, MAFS Australia’s Dan started dating one of the guests at his and Sandy’s wedding

I can’t say I’m surprised


Married at First Sight Australia cast member Dan Hunjas is apparently in a new relationship with social media influencer Samantha Symes.

Samantha and Dan’s relationship went public after photos were taken of them by paparazzi, spoiling the outcome of Sandy and Dan’s relationship on the show. Here’s everything you need to know about their whirlwind relationship, and if they’re still together now.

Their relationship spoiled MAFS Australia for loads of viewers

Dan and Samantha were photographed by Daily Mail Australia at a party on the Gold Coast in January. The couple were seen “passionately kissing” at a bar after they hit it off after being introduced by a mutual friend. Samantha was also photographed on Dan’s lap with a drink in her hand and they continued to kiss.

She was a wedding guest at Dan and Sandy’s wedding!

via Nine Network Australia

Samantha was actually in attendance at Dan and Sandy’s wedding on Married at First Sight Australia. The nurse turned influencer stunned in an orange corset style dress. Despite her being in attendance, they didn’t start dating until Dan and Sandy’s relationship had ended.

A friend close to the couple told Daily Mail Australia Dan and Sandy had “nothing in common”. “He lives a completely different lifestyle, while he and Samantha hit it off after being introduced by a mutual friend over a year and a half ago,” the friend said.

Samantha said she and Dan hung out ‘all the time’

Samantha was eventually asked the details of her relationship with Dan but she didn’t really give a clear answer. Dially into 2Day FM’s radio show, Samantha said: “Everyone had a romantic interest in Dan.” When asked by co-host Erin Molan if Samantha and Dan had ever dated, she responded: “Define ‘a date’. Like, we hang out all the time, yeah.”

She has over 40,000 followers on Instagram

Samantha currently sits on 42,000 followers on Instagram, with almost 200 posts. Her Instagram is currently private but her bio reads: “Snapshot of my life. Mummy. Nurse.”

She once said people needed to get a life after being called out for spoiling MAFS

Once the photos went public of Samantha and Dan, a lot of viewers were annoyed a big part of the show had been spoilt for them. In response to a couple of Instagram comments, Samantha said: “Sadly people don’t realise reality TV is anything but real! And it’s not live television.”

“People need [to get] a life. Who cares about MAFS or this crap?”, she asked in another comment.

Before Dan and Sandy’s wedding aired back in January, Samantha shared a photo of her and Dan in what looks like a really sweet photo. ” Let the good times roll,” she captioned the photo. “Now let’s have margs tonight and watch you get hitched.”

They’ve already broken up?!

Their relationship didn’t last long as in March, Samantha announced the pair had broken up and she reportedly dumped him over text. In a statement, she said: “It’s true, me and Dan have decided to end our relationship. It wasn’t meant to be.”

Dan has also addressed his relationship with Samantha and said the pair had been friends “for a couple of years”. “I left the experiment in September last year and Samantha and I got together for the very first time mid-January this year,” he admitted.

“I am in a really really great place. I have an amazing relationship that I’m developing and we’re getting along with our lives.”

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