Here’s what you need to know about the sexting scandal about to unfold on MAFS Australia

I’ve never known a show to be so dramatic

Married at First Sight Australia has been rocked by a sexting scandal between two cast members not in the same marriage. The rumours began while the show was filming and it has all been exposed in the reunion episodes, which have both aired in Australia.

But how did the drama even begin and who found out first? Here’s everything you need to know about the sexting scandal on MAFS Australia.

During this season of Married at First Sight Australia, Cameron and Lyndall embarked on a TV marriage and Tayla said, ‘I do’ to Hugo, but both couples eventually ended things and left the experiment.

At the reunion, which has aired over in Australia, Lyndall confronted Tayla and Cam over rumours that they were allegedly sexting one another.

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Cam explained his side of the story to the group and said: “After final vows I went back home and was having a bit of friendly banter with Tayla. It was just back and forth text. It was nothing serious. It was just a friendly chat.”

Tayla revealed a bit more to the story and exposed way more than anyone was expecting to hear. “It really kind of goes as far as we’re friends. I saw his c**k,” she said.

Cameron was later grilled by an unimpressed Mel Schilling about his actions and he admitted: “I got my d**k out in a nightclub. There’s nothing going on there, it was a piss take after the final vows.”

Tayla even gave her two pence about the penis reveal and clarified the pair are just friends and nothing more. She said: “I really like Cam as a friend. We get along really, really well. There’s not much to it. He’s up in Darwin, I’m down in Tassie. It hasn’t been explored yet,” before clarifying their relationship was “not going to be explored.”

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Tayla has further clarified what happened on her FaceTime call with Cameron and doubled down that they are just friends. In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Tayla said Cameron’s behaviour was just a joke.

“Cam was out on the town and all of his friends kind of FaceTime me,” she explained. “He calls me he whipped it out in the club for everyone to see, not just me. And there were so many people there, it was a pretty brave move. But he didn’t care.”

She continued to say: “It was funny, I guess him and I have that same kind of sense of humour – just a bit silly and I didn’t think it was bad, but Lyndall definitely did. I don’t think the boys actually cared, like at all. I think they thought it was funny as well.”

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