Which Islanders are now secretly dating? And an Islander auditioned for the Barbie movie!

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Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2023 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Jessie is moving to the UK longterm!

Jessie has confirmed her longterm plan is to move to the UK from Australia, and she and Will are going to live together. She said she gets on with Will’s family, and wants to sort out her visa before returning for good.

“The plan is to come back to the UK for the longterm,” she said. “I love it here and I haven’t experienced the warmer weather yet, so I’m not going back to Australia before I get some sunshine. This is my first time proper in the UK. It’s just so weird, I was saying to Will that usually people plan it when they move to a different country but I’ve just kind of ended up here. I am loving the UK. It feels like home to me.”

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Tasha auditioned for the Barbie movie!

In the last 24 hours, the whole world has come to a standstill over new cast announcements for the elusive Barbie movie. 2022 Islander Tasha Ghouri has said she auditioned to be a dancer in the new film, but the filming clashed with Love Island.

Quote tweeting someone placing her on the now viral Barbie poster meme, Tasha said: “Fun fact I got to the final round of the Barbie film audition as a dancer but didn’t get the job – filming was at same time as LI, crazy how the universe works.”

Lana has said she’s already got the ick with Ron

via Instagram

Uh oh, Lana already has the ick with Ron! Well, his gaming habits that is. Sharing a video of Ron sat all in his gaming gear, Lana said: “New ick unlocked – gaming headset.” Same hun, same.

Will’s confirmed he’s not really mates with Tom and Casey anymore

During the show, Will, Tom and Casey nicknamed themselves the three musketeers, and said they were brothers after growing so close. Since the show, people have noticed Tom and Casey have been hanging out loads, whilst Will has stuck to spending time with Jessie. And yeah, it looks like the bromance is a bit over.

“I was pretty close with Tom and Casey in the villa, you know, the three musketeers,” Will said on The Useless Hotline Podcast. “But kind of outside me and Jessie are just focusing on ourselves.”

However, a spokesperson for Tom has said there’s no “feud” as such, just the lads have been busy, and are hoping to reunite soon.

Love Island 2023

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Rosie and Keanan are ‘secretly dating’

Rosie left the show with Casey, and then they split, with Rosie saying he’d ghosted her after the villa. Since then, Rosie and Keanan and reportedly “secretly dating” and have been spotted cosying up over dinner dates.

An insider told The Sun: “Rosie and Keanan get on so well and are looking forward to exploring their feelings further. They finally went on a proper date and had a great time. The sparks were flying and they have already arranged to see each other again.” In the villa, Keanan said he was interested in Rosie, but she chose Casey. Oh how the tables turn!

Tanyel and Zara have finally addressed all their beef with Olivia

Tanyel and Zara have made it pretty clear they don’t like Olivia. They had beef in the villa, went on podcasts slating one another, posted petty TikToks and didn’t follow each other on Instagram after the show. But now, we can all rest thank god, because they’ve finally commented to put this saga to bed.

In an interview with On Demand Entertainment, Tanyel said “this person” is “always saying something about me” , behaviour which Zara said she experienced too. Zara said she wanted to “stand up” for Tanyel against Olivia, and “stamp out” what was going on. But, they said they do regret making petty TikToks, and only did them to defend themselves against Olivia’s comments on podcasts about them.

In the interview, Tanyel called Olivia “the mean girl who was mean for six weeks” and said Olivia painting the narrative of her and Tanyel as mean girls is “unfair and calculated”. Yikes.

Jessie tried to quit the villa but producers wouldn’t let her

Love Island 2023

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Jessie has said when she was at her lowest on the show, she tried to quit the villa but the producers wouldn’t allow her to leave. She entered the villa this year as a bombshell alongside fellow Aussie ex-Islander, Aaron. She was branded a “game player” and “fake” by her fellow Islanders, on multiple occasions.

Jessie has said this, alongside Will cheating in Casa Amor, lead to her wanting to leave the villa at one point. Speaking about the moment she found out Will had strayed during Casa, she told The Useless Helpline Podcast: “I was like, ‘That’s it I’m done. I’m done with Will, I’m done with the villa’. And then production was like, ‘Er no, that’s not happening, you can’t do that, you can’t just leave.’”

Millie Court is dating someone new!

Millie Court has announced she’s dating someone new, nine months after breaking up from Liam Reardon, who she won the 2021 show with. In a YouTube video, she said: “There have been a lot of rumours, I am going to confirm that I am dating someone but I’m not ready to tell you guys yet.

“It’s early doors and you experienced a whole full-blown, meeting someone, relationship on TV and then everything afterwards. As much as that was the best experience of my life – it is a lot when you have all eyes on you and your relationship.”

She concluded: “I don’t really want people to be involved in my personal relationship, it ruined things.”

Olivia and Maxwell have finally spoken about their split

Last week, it was announced Olivia and Maxwell had become the latest couple to call it quits. At the time, it was a source close to the couple who confirmed the news, but now they’ve commented themselves.

A rep for Olivia told Goss.ie: “Things weren’t the same between Olivia and Maxwell after they left the villa. Life has been hectic and they both decided it was best to end things. Olivia is happy to focus on herself right now and has a lot of exciting work projects coming up, including a role in the next Fast & Furious movie. It’s sad it didn’t work out but there’s no hard feelings between them.”

Love Island 2023

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According to a survey, 70 per cent of people aren’t going to bother watching Love Island this summer

Having Love Island twice a year is a lot, and in a new survey commissioned by Betfair, reality TV watchers have spoken: They’re not watching Love Island this summer.

70 per cent of those who took the survey said they’re not watching, 12 per cent were unsure and only 16 per cent of people said they were definitely going to watch the show. Yikes!

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