‘I’m moving in with Will!’: Jessie confirms she’s staying in the UK for good since Love Island

They have so many plans this so cute

Since they left the Love Island villa, everyone has been hooked on Jessie and Will’s new farm life together. It looks as though it’s not going anywhere either, as Jessie has confirmed plans to stay in the UK longterm, and has said she’s moving in with Will.

Jessie, who is from Tasmania in Australia, headed back to boyfriend Will’s farm in Buckinghamshire after they found love on the show. They’ve since been posting loads of wholesome TikToks of Jessie settling in to life and working there.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Jessie said she needs to head back to Australia soon to sort out her visa and fetch some things, but her longterm plan is to come straight back to the UK, stay on the farm with Will, and then they’ll move out and live together in the UK.

“The plan is to come back to the UK for the longterm,” she said. “I love it here and I haven’t experienced the warmer weather yet, so I’m not going back to Australia before I get some sunshine. This is my first time proper in the UK. It’s just so weird, I was saying to Will that usually people plan it when they move to a different country but I’ve just kind of ended up here. I am loving the UK. It feels like home to me.”

Jessie and Will moving in together after Love Island 2023

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She said she feels really at home on the farm, and has got on well with Will’s parents, who share two sons so have loved having a girl around the place. “Now I’m living on the farm, I’m really close with Will’s mum, because she’s only got two sons,” Jessie added. “Will’s dad always tells me ‘it’s so nice having a girl around’.”

She said she gets on with the family so much she wouldn’t want to move too far away when she and Will move out, and her “ideal” setup would be them living in another building on the farm. She added: “Both of us don’t know too much about London, so we kind of need to sit down and have a look what what’s actually going to work for us.”

Love this for them!

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