Barbie movie poster generator

Okay here’s how to use the Barbie AI generator to make your own film poster meme

This Barbie is writing her diss x

Yesterday, the official Twitter for Greta Gerwig’s upcoming live action Barbie film shared a horde of posters, detailing what Barbies and Kens the massive cast were all playing before it dropped the much hyped trailer. The posters are all the same in nature, a little bottle cap glittery star shape on a sky background with lots of pastels and the Barbies and Kens popping out looking gorgeous and a little bit tacky. Showcased to perfection below by Dua Lipa, now you can make your own with the Barbie movie poster  AI Generator meme machine.

The quickest amongst Twitter were rapidly photoshopping their funniest jokes into it to make their own, but now you don’t need to be photoshop whiz to do it thanks to a Barbie AI poster generator that lets you add a picture in and makes you one up yourself. You can even add your own text!

How to do it

So, go to the Barbie movie AI poster meme generator here.

You can then click to get started, and upload a photo of you or anyone you want from your camera roll or take a photo in the moment. The AI then smart crops the picture and puts it into your own poster, where you can reposition it to how you want and change the colours and even the text. As you can imagine, the possibilities on this one are pretty endless. If you want to put Jamie Lee Curtis saying ‘OKAAYYY’ in it, you bet yourself you can.

Make your own here.

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