Tahnee and Ollie related

Come on guys, MAFS Australia’s Tahnee and Ollie aren’t actually blood-related

Let’s not be silly now!

It was a moment no one was expecting when it was reported Tahnee and Ollie could possibly be blood-related, and Tahnee has actually spoken about it herself.

Before you begin to look up their family tree on Ancestry.com, they aren’t actually blood-related. A source revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that Tahnee’s sister’s husband is Ollie’s second cousin.

“Although they’re not blood-related or anything like that, technically they are distant relatives in a weird way,” the source explained. According to the insider, the cast would often joke about their “relation” during filming but it was never aired.

via Nine Network Australia

Tahnee has since confirmed it is true and it was sigh of relief when they realised they weren’t blood-related. Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Tahnee said: “At the wedding, obviously the two families were separated. Ollie’s mum looked over and she saw my sister’s fiance Jasper and she said, ‘I know you! Your dad is my cousin!’

“And then she started freaking out being like, what if the bride is Jasper’s sister? Because then we’d literally be blood-related. She was going up to producers being like, ‘Is that guy blood-related to the bride because we’re going to have an issue if so.'”

It all seems to be forgotten about now as the couple are still happily together. Tahnee and Ollie are one of two couples who have stayed together since the show ended. According to reports, the couple recently signed a 12 month lease on a house in Sydney.

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