The couples are splitting! Plus spin-off show rumours, and Claudia and Casey are back ON?!

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Samie and Tom have gone official

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Samie and Tom are boyfriend and girlfriend! After sharing a picture of them out for dinner together, Samie shared a video of them on their way home. She captioned the clip: “This is my BOYFRIEND everyone.” Cute!!

Whilst yesterday, two couples announced they’ve split

Ok, in less wholesome news, two couples announced yesterday they’re no longer a thing. To say they’ve “split” is a bit of a reach as they weren’t really official, but I enjoy the drama so here we are.

First, Casey said he and Rosie are “just friends” – quite savagely really if you remember during the reunion show he said they were going on their first date on Tuesday, but he’s out here posting a breakup statement on Instagram instead. Then Zara and Jordan, who said after they left the villa they were dating, also confirmed they’re pulling the plug on things.

They’re dropping like flies!

Guys, people think Claudia and Casey are back on!!!

I completely mean to alarm absolutely everyone, because people are majorly thinking following his split from Rosie, Casey is back with Claudia! We all know they had big history in the villa, and Claudia obviously still really liked Casey, and now they’re out together and Claudia’s heavy hinting something is going on.


Love Island fans are convinced Casey & Claudia are back dating! #loveisland #loveislanduk #claudiafogarty

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In a video posted to Aaron’s Instagram story, he’s out with Casey and Claudia. She can be heard asking him not to get her in the video, in case people “get the wrong idea”. Yet, we know you’re there Claudia!!! We see you loud and clear!!!

Casey has apparently been spending lots of time with Claudia since Love Island, with someone in his Instagram comments adding: “Calling it now I bet Casey and Claudia are back on.” 👀

Apparently less people are applying for Love Island because of the social media ban, lol

Right now, applications are open to apply for the summer Love Island 2023. According to reports, there have been much less applicants than previously, and it’s being linked to the new rule that Islanders aren’t allowed active social media accounts whilst they’re in the villa.

This year, the Islanders have left the villa with considerably lower follower numbers than previous Islanders have, which has made people think the show being a quick way to become a multimillionaire influencer is over. Speaking to MailOnline, one insider claimed: “There are fewer applicants for Love Island this summer. The ban has exposed what we all know, that the show is all about landing lucrative deals, not finding love.”

Now people might actually have to go on the show for love! Shocking!

PrettyLittleThing will not be signing an Islander this year

To add even more fuel to the lack of interest in being an Islander, PrettyLittleThing has reportedly told MailOnline it will not be signing an Islander this year. This comes as the brand already has Molly-Mae as Creative Director, and a new ambassador in Gemma Owen from the summer series.

Kai and Sanam have been on a double date with Ron and Lana

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Kai posted a picture of him and Sanam on a double date with second place couple, Ron and Lana. “The double date we’ve been waiting for ❤️,” the post was captioned. I love for them, I really do.

Apparently some of the Islanders broke the strict alcohol rules in the villa

Love Island has a very strict policy that Islanders are only allowed to drink a couple of glasses of alcohol per night in the villa. Speaking to Closer, Will and Jessie said they managed to break these rules, and got smashed one night.

Will said: “On the beach club day there were bottles of Prosecco everywhere and we split up – it was me, Tom and Casey – and we were taking the bottles of Prosecco and went to the terrace.

“We thought we were going to get told off so we were downing them as fast as possible and then Casey got pulled away to have a conversation with Rosie and then Claudia but me and Tom were at the top [on the terrace] and we could see he was getting shouted at but we were having more drinks.”

via ITV

Tanya’s confirmed she’s going back to uni to finish her degree

In a Q&A on Instagram, Tanya has confirmed she’ll be heading back to uni to finish her studies. Tanya is currently studying for a biomedical science degree, at Salford University. When asked if she’s planning to go back, she said: “I’m definitely going to finish… I don’t start things and don’t finish them.”

Tanya previously said she would be open to opportunities following Love Island, but had also planned to work in embryology, which is working in IVF treatments.

People are questioning Olivia and Maxwell… again

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In the last few days, Olivia and Maxwell have been surrounded by split rumours, because they’ve been spotted at a number of events without one another. This has been fuelled even more, as Maxwell has just jetted off to Mexico… alone. Yikes!

Samie’s up to something, and I just want to know WHAT

In the last couple of days, Samie has been posting on Instagram about having loads of meetings, and a picture of her at a desk with an ITV mug. What is going on here, I ask?

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People think it could be a spin-off show, but surely not?! I need answers!

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